by Billy Roper

Memorial Day weekend has a different meaning for me than it does for most Americans. I can’t think of much benefit which we gained as a nation from the sacrifice of life in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Vietnam, or Korea. We haven’t preserved our freedom, it’s been steadily decreasing, largely due to the efforts of the same government which sends our soldiers off to destroy the stability of foreign countries so it can then bring in millions of nonWhites from those countries into ours as ‘refugees’.

Looking further back, World War II was a fratricidal murder of the best and brightest of our race, and the destruction of the most healthy and progressive White nation in existence, handing half of Europe over to Communism. World War I was not in our interests. Neither was the Spanish-American War. Nor, certainly, was the most bloody war of all, the war for Southern Independence. It slaughtered over six hundred thousand of the best of our gene pool on both sides at a time when the population of the United States and the Confederate States combined was slightly over thirty million. That’s the equivalent of over six million being killed, today. It was a true Holocaust, creating wounds which have never, and may never, heal.

Could one say that the Mexican-American War was worthwhile, because it was a war of conquest which gained us a lot of territory? What about the wars of 1812, or the American Revolution? As I researched and wrote in my new alternate history novel, ‘Commonwealth’, we might have been better off staying British.

So, what should we be mindful of on Memorial Day? Well, let’s play along with the normies and remind everyone of the American sailors who were killed in the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. The anniversary of the Israeli assault, aimed at sinking the U.S. ship and blaming it on the Egyptians, is coming up on June 8th.

Here’s an interesting new article, surprisingly objective, about the attack on the USS Liberty, to share with all your patriot friends.