by Philip Holthoff

It has often been said that justice delayed is justice denied. If that be the case then justice was denied for my family in that we had to wait 17 years before the state of Arkansas finally got around to setting an execution date for Williams. I received a form in the mail from the Arkansas Department of Correction that had to be filled out and returned if you wanted to watch his execution. You then underwent both state police and FBI background checks. I passed with flying colors and was awaiting his execution until the courts got involved and granted him a stay of execution and the whole process had to start all over. So I filled out the application a second time and mailed it in.

The whole process reminded me of the various warnings of the Anti-Federalists that if the Constitution was adopted eventually the entire system would degenerate into rule by judicial decree which would quickly overwhelm the other two branches of government. Such a system , they warned, would also render states  mere provinces of an all powerful Federal leviathan. They also predicted that the power to tax would quickly spiral out of control under the Constitution. What can I say? They were right on all counts. Perhaps that is why the system never wants to talk about the Anti-Federalist Papers but only about the Federalist Papers.