by Billy Roper

In some species, dire straits can result in evolutionary leap-frogs in order to stave off extinction. In that gray area between genotypes, where two different species can interbreed (donkeys and horses, tigers and lions, et. al.), one species can literally breed out another through assimilation. When this happens, more primitive dominant genes can bury more recent recessive adaptive traits, literally reversing the evolutionary process. Hint: this happens between human races, as well.

Scientists have discovered two species of fish which are now, seemingly, beginning to merge into a new species.

“The group is thought to have arisen from hybridization between females of one species, Squalius pyrenaicus, and males of another species, now extinct, that belonged to a group of fish called Anaecypris. To sustain its population, Squalius alburnoides mates with several other closely related species belonging to the Squalius lineage.”

How are they doing this? Not through the forced integration of their schools, if you’ll pardon the fishy pun, but through a weird trick which was being carried out by some males of the now nearly extinct species, and their descendants. They are able to replace the chromosomal information in the egg their sperm is fertilizing with their own DNA. In effect, just like putting their genetic information into a stem cell, they are cloning themselves.

“That it can reproduce at all is unusual enough. Most hybrids, like mules, are sterile because the chromosomes from their parents of different species have trouble combining, swapping DNA and dividing — steps required for egg or sperm production.”

We know that genetics can mimic consciousness, or rather, that God allows a conscious reaction to environmental stressors. In times of war or economic hardship, girls begin to develop secondary sexual characteristics and menstruate earlier, in order to replace the threatened population through a higher birth rate. Likewise, fertility rates for males also increase in times of danger, for the same purpose, or at least with the same effect.

This example gives us some science to chew on while ruminating on our own species, and sub-species, future. If fish can do all this without a lab, what could we accomplish to turn the tide with a petri dish? Of course there is a conscious and pervasive anti-White propaganda effort to encourage White women to have careers before they have children, and for couples to adopt third world nonWhites instead of having their own kids, and for vasectomies and hysterectomies for the sake of convenience. All of the marketing is aimed at lowering the White birth rate. So, (((who))) is behind that marketing, and why?

Obviously, Jews want to lower the White birth rate in order to destroy the homogeneity of every White nation. It’s a learned, group adaptive survival strategy. That way they can be more easily camouflaged, and less likely to be picked out and recognized as the “other” as has happened 109 times to them, already. They understand that they are less likely to be pogromed in a multiracial cacophany of minorities all squabbling for their own slice of the pie. In such a situation, the loudest and most shrill minority gets the largest slice. Guess (((who))) that is?

Yeah, there’s something fishy going on, here.