As Peggy Hubbard, a black St. Louis activist, coopts support for the Confederate monuments under threat of removal there, Baltimore Mayoress Catherine Pugh plans on removing the Confederate monuments in that city. She may auction them off to defer the nearly $200,000 per statue expense, the price New Orleans paid, to erase the history of the 22,000 Maryland volunteers who fought for the Confederacy, despite the fact that the state was forcibly occupied by Federal troops and its legislators arrested,  in order to keep it from seceding.

Pugh’s predecessor, also a liberal feminist, had signs placed in front of each of Baltimore’s Confederate monuments stating the historical monuments are:

“part of a propaganda campaign of national pro-Confederate organizations to perpetuate the beliefs of white supremacy, falsify history and support segregation and racial intimidation.”

The Negress Mayor, whose new budget includes reductions which would ground police helicopters and close youth curfew centers, is an anti-White racist. She is vastly unpopular with the Baltimore Police Department because her first act as Mayoress was to prioritize the U.S. Department of Justice’s investigation into the death of oxygen-thieving nigger thug Freddie Gray. Her motive was to push through indictments against the police before the new Presidential administration was inaugurated, and she has continued to fight the new Attorney General since then on that case. She has also angered many by re-nigging on her campaign promise to support a minimum wage bill, which she vetoed once in office, and shutting down the Baltimore Red Line.

Pugh lives alone in Baltimore’s Ashburton neighborhood in the Forest Park area of Northwest Baltimore City. She is an avid runner, and enjoys going for jogs.