June 10th, NATIONWIDE!

-Sharia Law leads to so-called honor rapes, honor killings, and the classification of women as second class citizens.

-Under Sharia law, FOUR witnesses are required to convict a man of rape.

-Under Sharia law, women who are raped are often stoned to death for ‘seducing’ their attackers.

-There are 3.5 million Muslims in the U.S. today.

-Two-thirds of those are foreign-born immigrants.

-By 2050, the Muslim percentage of the U.S. population will more than double.

-Experts contend that after reaching about 5 percent of the population, Muslims then begin demanding that host nations codify Sharia law in civil codes, with support for jihad growing.

-Five of the richest Gulf countries, nearer to the problem and already majority Muslim, have taken in ZERO refugees.

-Why should we?