by Philip Holthoff

One person who was protesting the execution of Kenneth Williams suffers from one of the worst cases of Stockholm Syndrome I have ever seen. The person I refer to is Kayla Greenwood and the whole Greenwood family.  You may recall that Williams was apprehended after a high speed police chase in Missouri after colliding with a water delivery truck and in the process killing the driver of said truck, one Michael Greenwood, the father of Kayla Greenwood. This is the same Kayla who wrote to the governor asking for clemency for Kenneth Williams. The Greenwood family also  flew the daughter and granddaughter of Kenneth Williams to Little Rock at their own expense and then drove them to the prison so they could be united with Williams before he was executed. I wonder where the “baby momma” was in all this?

It was really sickening to listen to Kayla’s media interviews where she explains how much she and Williams had in common as they both grew up without a father! Of course, the reason Kayla does not have a father is that Williams killed him!  Listening to her media interviews is an exercise in insanity. The words ‘pathological altruism’ flowed through my brain the entire time. She has what I often refer to as “Amy Biehl Syndrome.” (Look her up)
(PS: I noticed Kayla’s letter to the governor is posted online as are her interviews on You tube. Knock yourself out!)