by Billy Roper

Next Saturday, June 10th, I will be giving a public speech about the status of HB 1041, the so-called Arkansas Anti-Sharia bill, at the Act For America ‘March Against Sharia’ rally we have organized at noon at the main concert stage at RiverSide Park in Batesville, Arkansas. Here is the facebook events page for the event.

You can see the map and the listing of the event HERE.


1850 Chaney Dr. Batesville, AR 72501
12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

The Council on American Islamic Relations, C.A.I.R., a powerful pro-Muslim immigration lobbying group, has challenged our Arkansas Bill, HB 1041, sponsored by Rep. Brandt Smith of Jonesboro, which now features a bright and shiny new mosque. Despite opposition by Democrats in the state legislature and the LGBTQ community, the bill passed both the House and the Senate with a large majority last month (May 2017). Gov. Asa Hutchinson says that he doesn’t believe, from what he’s seen and heard, that the bill is necessary. Well, maybe Asa Hutchinson hasn’t ever heard of female genital mutilation. Maybe the governor hasn’t ever heard of honor killings and gang rapes. Maybe down in Little Rock he hasn’t seen the beheadings and stonings and bombings and stabbings and terrorist attacks. But we have, and not just in Europe, but here, too, from San Bernardino to Minnesota to Orlando. If Gov. Asa Hutchinson will not lead, then we ask him to get out of the way. Several times last year he stepped aside out of the way of progress when bills which were extremely popular reached his desk, that he felt were too conservative. If he’s too afraid to put his name on the so-called anti-Sharia bill, then we ask him to let we, as citizens of the great state of Arkansas, put OUR names on it, instead.

We need to call, e-mail, and write the state capitol and the Governor’s office, and demand that Gov. Hutchinson sign this bill to protect ALL Arkansans from the threat of Sharia brought on by increasing Muslim immigration. We need to contact our state legislators, and ask them to help keep up the pressure, too. Together, we here in Arkansas will soon make the anti-Sharia bill a law. Then we will stand united to defend it, if necessary, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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UPDATE: The governor must sign or veto legislation within 5 days of transmittal (excluding Sunday), or it becomes law without his/her signature. If legislation is transmitted with less than 5 days left in the session, the governor must act within 20 days of transmittal (excluding Sunday), or the legislation becomes law without being signed.

VICTORY ! ALAC becomes Arkansas Law !

Robert Norvell, Director Act for America Arkansas

Never, never, never surrender – Winston Churchill

It is my distinct pleasure and honor to announce that this morning we heard that HB1041 (American Laws for American Courts) had become ACT 980. Since then at least four reputable sources have confirmed this action. This afternoon I called the Arkansas Bureau of Legislative Research. I asked them to confirm the report.

I was told that this was indeed true. While the Governor did not sign HB1041 neither did he veto the Bill. After the unsigned Bill sat on the Governor’s desk for the required number of days it became law. The Governor can no longer veto the unsigned bill.

ALAC will become in 90 days the law of the land in Arkansas. All judicial decisions in Arkansas will use as their sole standard the Constitution of Arkansas and the Constitution of the United States. This has the effect of making Arkansas free of all Sharia Law and for that matter any foreign law.

I wish to deeply thank all of you who made phone calls, wrote letters, and sent emails advocating the passage of HB1041. This indeed was a major collaborative effort between Act for America, the Center for Security Policy, the Republican Party, the Tea Party, patriotic citizens of Arkansas and, yes, many Democrats. This coalition of the willing carried the day. A special thanks to the members of the Arkansas House and Senate who voted for this bill in huge numbers. A special thanks to Rep. Brandt Smith of Jonesboro who guided the Bill through all the legislative steps and also Senator John Cooper of Jonesboro who first wrote the ALAC bill six years ago.

It has been a tough battle but after six long exhausting years we won the struggle.

Thank each of you for your persistent efforts. This time they paid off.

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

Final Analysis: Act 980 will become law in Arkansas by mid-July. Challenges to it from Muslims, Homosexuals, and the ACLU in the courts are expected to continue, however, so we must stand firm! That’s why next Saturday’s rally is so important.