Originally published by Black Pill Swan.

Often, I see internet posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, from females of all ages, pointing out all the ways that white men are “cucks” and “pussies” and saying that non-white men are the “alphas”. Of course these women don’t point out all the ways their behavior had helped aid in the cucking of our men, but I am curious as to why exactly, our men get more and more “cucked” rather than becoming more “Alpha” in response to society wanting white men to be beaten down, with no testicles.
I see some men say that acting in violence, is “barbaric” and ” uncivilized “. Well, is the barbaric, uncivilized violence of Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics not effective for those races? For it is due to their behavior that they have managed to take over neighborhoods, cities, and countries. If our men held their ground against the “uncivilized” would they have been able to accomplish the conquering of our women, children and lands?
There was a time when the blood that ran through our veins was full of rage towards all who would challenge what is ours. There was a time that our men would not hesitate to pick up the battle ax and charge those who would threaten their women and children. There was a time our women and men would take up arms against those who would try to take our lands and our children. There was a time our people did not cower down to the government. There was a time when our men would have chosen death over hiding behind a computer screen or a woman.
Men, don’t you think it’s time to stop hiding and cowering in the shadows and take back what is yours? Dig deep within yourself and FEEL the warrior blood rushing through your veins! FEEL the rage towards those who have taken your women, children and lands! FEEL the strength and power you hold within yourself and STAND UP for what is YOURS! BE the Alpha men you were created to be!