Why is it that morbidly obese, unattractive people tend to get involved in anti-White, anti-tradition, left wing activism? Is it because of a deep sense of self- hatred? Do they reflect that self-hatred and continual rejection onto their own people, out of bitterness and resentment? Or are they, in addition to being unattractive, so uneducated and ignorant that they grab onto nonsensical and illogical trendy liberal movements as a way of trying to fit in and have a place to be the popular kid they never were? One wonders if they hate traditional standards and values because they cannot conform to them. Therefore, they lash out in anger at what they cannot aspire to match. Or, is their outward repulsiveness merely a reflection of their more deeply-seated internal, spiritual ugliness? Inquiring minds want to know.

This is Seana Youngblood Crow, pictured with Pridefest organizer Alexx Breedlove, whose husband Donny breaks into pharmacies to steal bottles of Hydrocodone. She is the Secretary helping to organize the Harrison PrideFest which will be encouraging homosexuality, transvestites, transsexuals, and pedophilia in Harrison, Arkansas, on June 24th. Here is the social media outlet she started before she was distracted by a bag of Oreos. Here is another she began, before smelling a twinkie wafting by. As you can see, she’s still not one of the popular girls. Even though she just got married, it looks like she and her new husband Bryan didn’t score too well with their wedding registry, aside from the dual toaster ovens for those late-night snacks. Thank God, for the rest of the neighborhood, that they got the blackout curtains they wanted, at least. She began reading Harry Potter books, it seems, until snack time made her lose her place. It looks like Seana has a hard time sticking to something, except her recliner and the kitchen table.

Her new husband Bryan, who was a volunteer at last year’s Harrison Pridefest, looks as if he should be a participant instead of a promoter. He works at FedEx in Harrison, as a Senior Programmer Analyst.