by Billy Roper

Every week now, public clashes occur between the left and the right. Each time, a few punches are thrown, a few noses bloodied, and a few more arrests are made. Each time, the left’s dialectic is pushed further left, and the right’s dialectic is pulled further right. Centrists and moderates in both camps find themselves drug along, however reluctantly, virtue signaling their acquiescence by going with the trending winds of edginess, as meme warriors do, rushing to keep up with the continually radicalizing front waves, rolling back from the middle to the fringes like the waters of the Red Sea parting for Moses in an antithesis to the Bell Curve. Then those peaks will crest, and crash back down into each other, smashing and drowning anyone still foolish enough to be caught between them.

Each time, everyone wonders whether that day will be remembered as the new Boston Massacre. You know that you do.

Of course Washington D.C. is heavily divided, but that doesn’t matter, except in that they, or us, take their cues from party leadership. What really matters is that the rest of America is even MORE split, and increasingly approaching peak polarization.

This past weekend it was Portland. Next weekend, there will be Marches Against Sharia in 28 different American cities, nationwide. I’ll be leading one, and ShieldWall Network affiliates will be attending others in Texas, California, New York, and Indiana. The Proud Boys and Oathkeepers and Bikers For Trump and various state militias will be holding others. Antifa and Muslims are expected to counter-protest against them in many locations.

Or, maybe things will get dramatic on June 24th, when The ShieldWall Network hosts a #Trad Rally against a Gay Pride and Diversity festival and parade that is expected to be supported by the John Brown Gun Club/Redneck Revolt.

I can’t name the day or the hour. I do know that it’s coming, though. You see, major historical changes don’t happen when people are hopeless. They happen when people are given hope, then have it taken it away. A baby doesn’t cry for the candy it can’t see. The French people began their revolution in earnest when the Estates General failed to deliver, the Bolsheviks came to power when the Russian provisional government proved powerless to implement reform, the American colonists became disenchanted with the British crown after their victory in the French and Indian War was rewarded by higher taxes to defer the costs of that conflict…and right wingers today, well, they have President Kushner. Patterns emerge and coalesce. It’s all a matter of timing, and that spark.

Slipping into the next phase will seem effortless. It’ll be easy. Like taking candy from a baby.