The “No T” in his picture caption must stand for “No Testosterone”, a condition believed by many doctors to cause homosexuality in male fetuses. It’s nice that he understands his own limitations, isn’t it?

“No T, no shade, no pink lemonade! Meet Cameron Monroe, VP of HPF! He’s hard at work on our schedule of Events for June 24th!

Cameron Monroe is the limp-wristed VP of the Harrison Pride Fest, the diversity pushing display of drag queens, Sodomites, and pedophiles who will be flouncing and prancing in Harrison, Arkansas, on June 24th. It’s not clear yet whether he also breaks into local pharmacies to steal Hydrocodone, as does the event organizer, Alexx Breedlove’s, husband, or whether he is a child rapist, as at least one person in the Breedlove family has been convicted of being. We’ll be providing the public with much more information about this Cameron, the other Cameron, and the other organizers as the event gets closer.