by Billy Roper

We know that facial recognition software is used to cross-analyze still shots of video from dozens of video cameras in major cities to identify a suspect. 4Chan used the technology to expose leftist professor Eric Clanton as the California u-lock assailant. Many, however, don’t understand just how facial recognition uses comparative symmetry, spacial differences, and feature alignment to juxtapose facial features (nose shape, eye shape and distance, forehead shape, chin, and jawline) with a pre-existing database of millions of images, all of which have already been catalogued by age, gender, and race. That’s how the new application of facial recognition software described below works. Literally, it analyzes an image of someone’s face objectively and identifies it as to racial origin with an accuracy approaching that of commercially available DNA tests.

So, it looks like the National Socialist science of measuring facial features to determine someone’s ancestry, Anthropometry, was not only CORRECT, it was eighty years ahead of its time. Our faces are not social constructs.

Ethnicity & Diversity: How We Detect it And Why it Matters

How does Kairos Ethnicity Detection work?

“Our technology measures subtleties in the physical characteristics of the millions of faces we process – aggregating them into distinct features common to specific ethnicities. From there we are able to, with a high level of accuracy, estimate your ethnic makeup.”