C.A.I.R., the Committee on American-Islamic Relations, is a wealthy and powerful Muslim lobbying organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. They’re the one typically trotted out as spokesgoatfuckers for ‘Moderate Islam’ in the United States to defend their cult and culture whenever there’s a Muslim shooting or stabbing or bombing they want to deflect attention from.

Now, this Muslim activist group has joined the SPLC in attacking Billy Roper, in support of the Jewish and homosexual Southern Poverty Law Center’s covering for Muslim extremists and their support for Sharia law.

Just as in Europe, Jews here in the United States use weaponized Islam to terrorize and demoralize Whites. The backlash, or rather, the Whitelash against them is growing exponentially every day. The reckoning will be history-changing.

There are 400 Muslims in nearby Jonesboro, 200 of them regularly attend the new mosque there, the ACT For America state director warned me in our most recent phone chat. They are an hour away from the event location. I don’t say that to dissuade anyone from coming, at all. I will not be deterred or scared off. The ShieldWall Network will be there Saturday.

Let them come.