Less than two months after his firing, Lt. Col. Roy White continues his demonization of Muslims under a new banner

(Yes, the same hack who helped advertise The ShieldWall Network’s March Against Sharia this Saturday in Batesville, Arkansas, at RiverSide Park at noon.)

“…White’s very public and ugly dismissal from ACT caused major dissention within the organization, with many activists both in San Antonio and elsewhere coming to his defense. The grounds for his dismissal are also hotly contested. ACT claimed White advertised an event put on by his San Antonio chapter where activists would learn how to “shut down” mosques in their area. White claimed that he never used that language in his advertisements ,and email alerts from White’s San Antonio chapter back up his claim. In fact, White published email and text exchanges between himself and ACT staffer J. Craig which implies Craig used the term “shut down” mosques and not White.”…

“As a result of what happened, so many doors are opened up. As you may or may nor realize, ACT for America promotes itself as a secular organization. It does not promote one religion over another and that’s ok, but in our going forward with this group, the group that I hope that you’ll become a part of, I think one of the most important battles that are going on with the fight against Islam, not against Muslims but against Islam, that form of Islam that is the political Islam. We are going to tell the truth about Islam, we are not going to sugarcoat, not going to call it radical Islam we’re not going to try to call it lots of other things, we’re going to talk about the ideology of Islam.”