(featuring Billy Roper)

  • Ritchie is the head of the Wichita, Kansas chapter of ACT for America

  • Emails from Ritchie show ACT’s relationship with prominent and high up government people

  • ACT America plans on doing a nationwide “March Against Sharia” on Saturday June 10


On Saturday, June 10, the known anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America has organized a nationwide “March Against Sharia” that is appearing to bring white supremacists together all around the country.

Billy Roper

To help organize the nationwide anti-Muslim protest, ACT called on the help of a long-time neo-Nazi Billy Roper. Roper has promoted the event on Stormfront, a neo-Nazi message board founded by former Klan leader Don Black.

In a podcast, Roper insinuated he was involved with a call for rally leaders, which was organized by ACT. Roper also said some anti-government figures were also on the call.

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