by Billy Roper

Saturday, June 10th, was a wonderful day for a picnic. Under the shady trees of the grove surrounding our nice pavilion in the park, with the beautiful White River in the background, the temperature hovered around the eighty degree mark, perfect summer outdoor weather.

We brought delicious brats and sauerkraut and had cool, refreshing non-alcoholic beverages along, as any proper picnic should, but no Muslim protesters showed up to be given our supply of bacon, and the homosexual screechers seemed more interested in our hot dogs.

The optics for this event were beautiful: a solid, united group of White men and women ranging in age from college kids to retirees, with American flags (modern and Betsy Ross) and Gadsden flags, and signs and banners, opposed by literally less than a full magazine worth of shrill lesbians, token nonWhites, and masked Antifa.

I had an opportunity to give a speech at the rally which is now available on Youtube. Part One.  And here, Part Two. It also was recorded by statewide NBC and Fox TV news affiliates, and NPR National Public Radio, all of whom I gave interviews to, along with the AP reporters there, ABC TV news, and the statewide newspaper. We honored a member of The ShieldWall Network who has done yeoman’s work preparing for our June 24th Trad Rally in Harrison, Arkansas, against the Gay Pride parade there with a custom hand-made sunwheel pattern quilt donated by the Cover Our People With Love pro-White charity. Then, everyone really enjoyed the Muhammed drawing contest, the winner of which received a copy of ‘Caliphate’, a speculative fiction novel about the future of Europe under Muslim domination. Examples of some of the entries will be featured in future articles, along with more pictures from the rally.

A handful of local cucks, primarily nonWhites, homosexuals, and those with similar deviant freaks in their families, organized an anti-White march across the river in support of Sharia law and Muslim immigration, but based on coverage I’ve seen, they didn’t get very many people to attend. Not only did we hold our full scheduled rally, we actually stayed for a couple of hours longer than advertised, because before the actual rally began as we were setting up about a dozen interested locals came by and got acquainted. They left with flyers about Sharia law, Muslim immigration and mosques in Arkansas, The ShieldWall Network, our organization which held the event, and contact information. Several shared theirs with us, as well. Four new local men, including one StormFronter from the area whom we had never met before, stood with us, as did a few local ladies, as well. With every event, the ShieldWall Network continues to grow. For their own privacy, we won’t name the Lyon college students or the (not in uniform) police officers who joined us during this rally.

Speaking of that, I really cannot say enough about the courtesy, professionalism, fairness, and efficiency of the Batesville City Police department and the Chief of Police, or the Independence County Sheriff Deputies, the Arkansas State Police, and the Narcotics Unit officers who were on hand to search the Antifa for drugs and weapons. Because of previous threats to assassinate me and attack the rally, officers were on hand in the rally area twelve hours ahead of time, throughout the previous night, and thoroughly swept the area for bombs and improvised explosive devices before we began. During a meeting I held on the scene with some of the officers, an assault from the river was prepared for, and the trash cans were again searched for suspicious packages, before we began. The Chief of Police proved himself to be a man of his word, and we could not have asked for better treatment from his department.

By every measure the Batesville, Arkansas, Anti-Sharia Rally held by The ShieldWall Network was a success. None of our people or any of the crowd of supporters were arrested, and the only injury on our side was a blister I have on my right thumb from the megaphone button. We also want to thank Justin Bieber for attending, and bringing a sign featuring many quotes by me. His performance was very entertaining, as always. We managed to get pictures of all of the Antifa before they put their masks on, so, you know what we do next. However, we’d like to thank them for skulking around masked on the other side of the river and sending local citizens who expressed opposition to Sharia law to us, directing them to the correct location while screaming at them and calling them names in an intimidating manner. That increased our local support, as well.

It’s unfortunate that similar rallies in other parts of the country yesterday didn’t benefit from the kind of professional, disciplined peacekeeping which we enjoyed. I told the crowd before we left, by way of thanking the police for keeping the non-affiliated observers safe, that when they got home that night, they would see news reports of violent clashes in cities all over the country at Anti-Sharia events, and it turns out that I was correct. Assaults by, and arrests of, violent, masked Antifa for attacking peaceful, unarmed American citizens seems to have been commonplace at events Saturday. The tragic death of the Oathkeeper attempting to keep peace in New York, who fell stricken as Antifa laughed at his dying, and the assault on Lauren Southern with urine are only the leading headlines. In many locations, from Seattle and Chicago to Texas, the anti-Whites got their asses kicked, again, and that’s what would have happened yesterday if the police hadn’t been there, too.

Like I also told the crowd and the media yesterday, though, America is polarizing and dividing, more and more, every day. We are headed towards balkanization, and probably civil war. When that happens, everyone will have to pick a side. Everyone. Either one side of the river, or the other. Those who don’t choose a side, will have one chosen for them.