Dear Christians,
As many of you already know, on June 24th homosexuals and their allies are organizing a ‘Diversity Fest’ in Harrison, Arkansas.
This event will feature a drag queen, cross-dressing transvestite fundraiser the night before, on the 23rd, sponsored by Ugo’s Pizza on the square. Steve from Ugo’s is raising money to promote the LGBTQ cause in Harrison.
The next day, they are holding a Gay Pride parade from the courthouse to the Minnie Harris Park. Many local Christians will be coming out to peacefully protest this abomination.
The scripture tells us that we must judge wisely, right from wrong, and good from evil. In fact, it tells us that some day we will even judge angels. However, in this case we don’t have to judge, God already has, as Paul clearly states in Romans 1: 26-27.
We are called upon not just to pray, but to speak out and to stand up against evil and the public promotion of sin. There are many ways this can be done. Members of your congregation may collect a love offering for The Sanctuary, the women’s shelter in Harrison. This love offering, which would be larger than the potential proceeds offered to the shelter as justification for the Diversity Fest, could be attached to the request that The Sanctuary ask the Gay Pride event to not use their name to advance the LGBTQ political agenda.
Most importantly, all Christians should come out to stand peacefully against the Gay Pride parade scheduled for 11:30 AM Saturday, June 24th. If all the news media and attendees see is supporters of the Diversity Fest, then not only will these Gay Pride events continue, but more and more homosexuals will be drawn to move to Harrison, turning into another Eureka Springs, or worse.
If Christians refuse to stand against sin, publicly, then they are complicit with it, and are abandoning their communities to it.
The actions, or inaction, of Christians in Harrison on June 24th may well determine the future of the city, and many souls within  it.