Over the last several weeks, we have been discussing with South African patriots what the plight of Whites in their country will be when the simmering racial war there goes hot, as most expect it to do in the next few years. This is not just ideal curiosity or speculation on our part; our goal is, ultimately, to help them. One of the South Africans agreed to write a detailed report about what very well may happen in the not too distant future. This is the first installment of the resulting seven part series.

by: Mircea “Mitch” Negres

Port Elizabeth
South Africa

As I told a Swiss acquaintance of mine, there is no moderation in Africa. “Here you can be a sinner or a saint, an asshole or a gent” and sometimes all of the above simultaneously, but the nature of life on this continent is such that you have to become quite a tough guy. The way I remember it from a history lesson around 1993, when Mozambique got its independence, the government of Portugal sent an armada of ships and planes to get its citizens out because of Mozambican hostility. Apparently the last Portuguese were gone within a month. Not all of them went back to Portugal. Some made their way to South Africa to start a new life in yet another African country. Of course, at the time South Africa was led by the apartheid government, so the Portuguese felt safe enough to set down roots.


The same can be said for the European citizens of practically every African country south of the equator- many went back to their countries of origin, but quite a lot settled in South Africa. However, there’s a difference between them and millions of white South Africans. A lot of those who came here have a place to go back to, but those born here like the Afrikaners, do not. Given the downward spiral of race relations in South Africa, the fact that millions of white South Africans have nowhere to go in case a race war breaks out is becoming more prominent in their minds due to the implications this state of affairs poses.


Chances are right now some of you are probably asking yourselves “what about England, France, Holland or Belgium? Won’t they give them asylum?” Perhaps that will happen for a small number of ethnic English and Afrikaners, but I think it’s unlikely an estimated 4.900.000 people will be given asylum en mass. Besides the economic and social consequences such an influx will have for any country (especially in light of the ongoing refugee flood from Libya and Syria), I reckon the main reason most white South Africans will struggle and very likely fail to find a safe place outside the country of their birth is that most Europeans and world governments will see a genocide of whites as delayed and justified payback for apartheid. This is not a known fact. It is my opinion after many conversations with Europeans and assessments of media and online discussions about South Africa over the years. In general, people were not concerned about the possibility of a white genocide in South Africa and indeed thought that it would justifiable due to the history of apartheid. Still, while I know my view is rather cynical, I’ve seen and heard enough to have come to this conclusion.


Therefore the most likely scenario is that the majority of whites will have nowhere to go, and shall probably find themselves surrounded and fighting for their lives in a few enclaves around South Africa. I think there will be a series of epic battles, but unless outside military help arrives, whites will be slaughtered while the world eats popcorn with its feet up in front of the television set.


The affidavit of former SAPS Crime Intelligence captain Deon Loots stated the Boeremag were originally an Afrikaner self-defense group which under the control of another. That group called itself the Verligte Aksie Groep, or Enlightened Action Group. According to captain Loots, the VAG was a group made up of former high ranking government officials who were trying to put in place a self-defense strategy in the event of a civil or racial war in South Africa, and besides ensuring the survival of white people (in particular Afrikaners), their aim was to help the existing government’s security structures bring order to the chaos they envisaged would ensue. In other words, they were trying to help, not bring down the government. By the sound of things, this agenda did not sit well with the democratic government because if there is one thing they fear, it is white people forming any kind of group which has the independent ability to use force. The view of concerned whites over the last two decades has been that the government wants them to be disarmed and helpless, likely in order to kill them at some point. Given the numbers of farm murders committed after the Commandos were disbanded and the government’s lack of action in this regard, along with campaigns which sought to discourage firearm ownership, almost every white person I’ve ever spoken to has indicated after a few drinks they fear an upcoming genocide and harbor the suspicion that the post-apartheid government is slowly moving towards that goal.


Considering what the Boeremag was originally about and what eventually happened to the group’s members, I think it’s safe to say the upper government echelons either can’t tell the difference between defensive measures and offensive ones, or it really doesn’t want whites being able to defend themselves. What follows below is a hypothetical defensive scenario and analysis of one possible outcome of a racial war in South Africa…



“Operation Omega Exodus”


The most likely possibility is that the majority of white South Africans will not be able to leave the country in the event of a civil or racial war. However, the assumption of this scenario is that they will be offered asylum in Europe and North America. Therefore what follows below is an exploration of what it would take to get an estimated 4.500.000 people out of the country, very likely while under pursuit and attack by forces determined to wipe them out before they manage to leave. Typically, such plans are drawn up by large organizations which have thousands of highly trained personnel in planning cells and massive information processing capabilities along with the military and logistical assets to organize and execute this type of extraction. On the other hand, this hypothetical plan is drawn up by one man of very limited means, namely me. Thus there will be gaps in research due to lack of information as well as severe time and data processing constraints, big enough for an entire herd of elephants to stroll through, and the plan will at best be of the bare bones sort.


This hypothetical operation is called “Omega Exodus” because to most South African whites (especially Afrikaners) it will seem as if their world is coming to an end, and this will be their last desperate flight from destruction. In order to understand why an extraction’s best chance of success is through Namibia instead of South Africa’s coastline, it is first necessary to explain a little about the country’s physical layout and historical legacy of population distribution. As things stand, the country has an area of roughly 1.100.000 square kilometers and an estimated population of 55.000.000 people. The ratio may be of 50 or so people per square kilometer, but in reality there are probably 15.000.000 people in the country’s biggest cities ( such as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban), with more in towns and villages spread across the environmentally hospitable regions of South Africa. The country’s territory ranges from lush vegetation on large sections of its south and east coasts, to semi-arid and arid in the center and northern parts and desert conditions in the west towards Namibia.


After the second Anglo-Boer War, Afrikaners spread all over South Africa because the British did not want to have to deal with yet another Boer republic, and subsequently so did most of their descendants, along with immigrants who have arrived since. The British imperial administration and successive apartheid governments tried to confine the black African population to certain parts of the country, while allowing the numbers they deemed necessary for the labor pool to reside on the outskirts of urban areas where industries are located. Over time this had the effect of creating fairly small white communities surrounded by or adjacent to far larger black and other non-white communities, and the spread of whites across the land mean that to this day they have almost no nuclei around which to coalesce in the event of a civil war.




If a civil war breaks out, other things have to be understood as well. Primarily, it is that there is no such thing as a White Nation or ethnic South African identity. The white people of South Africa appear as a group only from a distance. When one looks at the surface and below it, it becomes clear the so-called White Nation is in fact a collection of many ethnic groups of European origin. There are English, Afrikaners, Germans, French, Greeks, Portuguese, Russians, Romanians such as myself and so on. While most members are at least citizens of the country, each of these groups have their own distinctive language, sometimes religion, culture and aims. Although they generally get along, their interactions happen through the use of English and sometimes (though more rarely) Afrikaans. For the most part, they do not have a common agenda. As I’ve begun saying, “in South Africa benefits are socialized while risks are privatized”. This means society is very quick to claim the benefits of an individual’s success (such as the hoopla that followed when Mark Shuttleworth became the first African in space- he paid for it himself, but the South African government was quick to make a big deal about his achievement as if it belonged to the country), but if that individual fails, then he is on his own.


The effect of this has been to bring about a more individualized flavor to South African society and its overall culture, kind of like the cells of the human body going their own way to serve their interests because the body is not overly concerned with the welfare of individual cells, only with what they can be forced to contribute. This state of affairs has been accentuated over the last two decades, after it became clear former senior officials of the apartheid government and the National Party left the whites to carry the burden of what was done in their name until 1994, so it’s every man for himself. This is apparently true for the majority of white people, but there are some who see themselves as the sheepdogs of the famous analogy, and they think in terms of doing everything possible to ensure the collective survival of the “white race” or at least the Afrikaner people in case of a civil or racially motivated war. To be continued…


Mircea Negres

Port Elizabeth

South Africa