Daryle Lamont Jenkins is the semi-literate lower primate who operates the One Person’s Project. Many visitors to The Roper Report site are familiar with him as being the Fat Albert of the anti-White fear-porn peddlers. I first met him sixteen years ago outside of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., where I was leading a demonstration and he was LARPing as a journalist. But we really can’t expect much better from him. Aside from his broader genetics, Daryle has an LGBT sister who did time for drugs, (pleading guilty to robbery and narcotics) and a brother with a judgment to pay child support. Here’s his sister, Tanyica.

Daryle stiffed an East Indian building owner for rent for seven months, according to a landlord complaint filed in Philadelphia Municipal Court. Just imagine what kind of place you can rent in Philadelphia for $500 a month. He be ballin’! A third floor apartment (for the exercise) above a Pizza Republic (for the snacks). No wonder he had a judgement against him for defaulting on those student loans.