Once again a black thug has shot and killed a White police officer, not while they struggled or fought, but while the officer attempted to chase down the criminal fugitive. Monday evening Tyler Jermiale Calamese was caught breaking into parked vehicles, and the police were called. When Lt. Patrick Weatherford and other law enforcement personnel arrived on the scene, Calamese, who was armed, attempted to flee on a bicycle. Weatherford and other officers pursued on foot, and Calamese turned back and fired several shots at the policemen, killing Lt. Weatherford. His passing leavesĀ  his wife, a 21-year-old daughter, and a 7-year-old son behind.

Although Calamese admits to the shooting, his family states he be a good boy, he dindu nothin.

Probably this death is the fault of the racist White people who called the police when Tyler was just trying to extract his reparations.

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