Starting the war.


So how would a civil or racially motivated war start in South Africa? The systems and social impetus are there. The government has databases with the identities of most citizens, data on economic and population distribution across the country in terms of race, age and gender, access to bank records, intelligence reports and through cell phone networks, the current locations and network analyses for almost everybody. The first step is to create research and planning cells. They will gather the data, point out where whites are located around the country, estimate the size of area covered by the white population (usually in suburbs), select high profile targets (wealthy whites, former or current politicians, members of the military and police, political opponents, and so on), work out numbers of attackers required, logistics, force deployments, possible escape routes and so on. Then they will come up with a coordinated plan for national, provincial and local levels, select network control personnel and brief them, after which briefings continue at increasingly lower levels until everybody who is to be in charge knows what is planned. Weapons are not much of a problem. The ANC never turned over the weapons it was given by its supporters until 1994, and it’s likely the majority of caches are still sitting where former ANC intelligence and uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK, the ANC’s former military wing) cell leaders placed them. Besides those weapons (AK-47s, RPGs, ammunition, explosives and landmines), the black population seems to have no problem finding something to kill with, so the arming process won’t be that difficult or complicated. The next step is political preparation of the genocidal battlefield. This is not very difficult either, because the ANC has been doing it for at least the last 18 years with its anti-white legislation and propaganda. In my opinion, all it would require is a pretext.


To that end, two are the easiest. The first is to induce some whites to attack blacks or manufacture an economic disaster that can be blamed on whites, then use national and social media to whip the black population into a nationwide frenzy. That’s not too hard because the South African economy is already in the crapper and no matter how often it’s been disproved with reliable statistics, black people still believe that whites control 90% of the country’s economy and are involved in some sort of racial conspiracy to deny them economic opportunities.


The second pretext is even easier to arrange. All that needs to happen is for the government to announce on a late Friday night or early Saturday morning that security forces have thwarted a coup attempt by a combination of right wingers and white members of the security services that was driven by current and former white politicians along with opposition parties, especially the white-dominated but currently black-led Democratic Alliance. It can then declare a national state of emergency and notify the population to stay indoors while it searches for supporters and coup sympathizers. To that end, the late Friday or early Saturday of the third week of a month (especially January) is best because most people won’t have money (salaries are paid from the 25th until the last day of the month) and will likely be at home.


Given that whites are accused of this, nobody will think anything of black police and army groups arresting entire white families and taking them away “for interrogation”. In this the victims themselves will aid the government because most South Africans are conditioned to obey orders since primary school, and the vast majority will think “well, I’ve done nothing wrong, so they won’t come for me. All I gotta do is stay indoors until this ends”. It will be their downfall, because they will be isolated from support groups and stuck in their homes. Unlike Israel, the United States or Switzerland, firearm ownership is actually not that widespread (people have more cell phones than guns), and in general people own at most one or two pistols or revolvers. A few people in urban areas own a shotgun or bolt-action rifle and even fewer (mostly farmers) a semi-automatic civilian version of the R4 and R5 (Israeli Galil) rifles. This will render them ineffective against a truckload of cops or soldiers armed with military-grade weapons who given their orders, would not hesitate to kill those who resist, along with their families.


Coupled with cutting international telecommunications and selective control of radio and cellular networks, this systematic removal of whites can go unopposed for a week or two, until individuals begin to suspect something is wrong. The communication blackout can also be aided by the government if in the declaration of a state of emergency they instruct foreign embassies and consulates to keep their staff and family members inside the compounds and foreign media outlets are closed, local journalists and media houses are shut down and employees possibly arrested, while only South African government and foreign diplomatic missions’ international phone lines are left open. In such a situation, the South African government will be in a position to control the flow of information to the outside world and through careful manipulation of South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC, the government-owned TV and radio broadcast system) reports, it can create the impression that nothing untoward is going on. Such a state of affairs can conceivably last two or three weeks, enough time to get the ball rolling on the genocide front. To be continued…


Mircea Negres

Port Elizabeth

South Africa