by Billy Roper

On the eve of massive anti-Trump “Impeachment Marches” planned by left-wing extremists across the country for July 2nd in 33 cities, a Democratic Socialist Bernie supporter has fired what may someday be considered the first shots in Civil War II.

Republican House Majority Whip Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana, who had a target painted on his head by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other anti-White hate groups over the accusation that he once spoke at a pro-White event, was shot in the domestic terrorist attack, as were several other Whites. This is not the first time that the SPLC has been tied to shootings of people whom they have targeted by leftists in the area. The Bernie supporter who carried out the attack described himself in social media as a Democratic Socialist, and stated that President Trump is a traitor who should be “destroyed”.

Barely a week ago, I wrote: ”

“Every week now, public clashes occur between the left and the right. Each time, a few punches are thrown, a few noses bloodied, and a few more arrests are made. Each time, the left’s dialectic is pushed further left, and the right’s dialectic is pulled further right. Centrists and moderates in both camps find themselves drug along, however reluctantly, virtue signaling their acquiescence by going with the trending winds of edginess, as meme warriors do, rushing to keep up with the continually radicalizing front waves, rolling back from the middle to the fringes like the waters of the Red Sea parting for Moses in an antithesis to the Bell Curve. Then those peaks will crest, and crash back down into each other, smashing and drowning anyone still foolish enough to be caught between them.

Each time, everyone wonders whether that day will be remembered as the new Boston Massacre. You know that you do…”

Using past history of civil wars, revolutions, and balkanizations as an example, it may take several such events to reach the tipping point of violence. It was five years between the Boston Massacre and Lexington, for example. How long do you think it will be before ours goes hot?