by Billy Roper

In what may be another sign that the culture of the deep south has been weakened by the ascension of low-T beta cucks to positions of influence and the migration of many of the best Southerners to the Upper South out of the black belt and out of racially mixed, Judeophile churches, the Southern Baptist Association has voted to disavow and condemn the Alt Right.

I spent the first sixteen years of my life in Southern Baptist churches, attending every time the doors were open. I am intimately steeped in their doctrine. Historically, all of their churches were racially segregated. Now, they think they know better than their ancestors, and better than God, who clearly calls for racial separation in His Word.

I left the Southern Baptist Church nearly thirty years ago because of their hypocrisy on the Jewish Question. Had I not, I would have done so when they elected a black President in 2012, at least. This decision by the beta cucks and Protestant liberation theology flagellants, part of the anti-White Mike Huckabee legacy, will further divide their convention, and lead many to leave it. That’s particularly the case for conservative Trump supporters, at whom the resolution is specifically aimed.

Like the rest of society and our nation as a whole, the SBC will continue to experience more division, less unity, and secession, as people vote with their feet and leave it. It’s going to become more and more difficult for small town Southern Baptist preachers to carry on hoping their congregations will ignore the increasingly leftist rhetoric and actions from the national Southern Baptist Convention. They are not Catholics, owing any doctrinal loyalty to the Pope and his pronouncements, regardless of their conscience. They can, and will, begin to go their own way. By forcing them to make a decision and leave, the liberals are abdicating their influence and control over their minds and hearts, and that’s a good thing. The clearer the lines are between the different sides, the better. Many of the disaffected former Southern Baptists will eventually become even more racially conscious, more aware of the Jewish Question, and some of them will harden their faiths back from the Judeophile heresy all the way to Christian Identity.

If you’re one of them reading this, here’s some more material:

Mathew Ch. 15

Revelation 2:9

Revelation 3:9

Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way. Come on home, out from among them.