Several groups of Antifa in Arkansas have pledged to attend next weekend’s Gay Pride parade and Diversity Fest in Harrison, Arkansas, on June 24th. After it was made clear that many local citizens and patriots from different churches and organizations would be coming out against them, and that at least one of those groups of protesters, The ShieldWall Network, aren’t afraid of defending themselves forcefully, widening cracks are showing between the different Communist, Anarchist, and LGBTQ groups which make up Antifa in Arkansas.

AARA claims “The…faction that Roper represents is having a larger demonstration in Harrison, AR on June 24th, and the AARA calls for people to show up and help us shut it down. Other coordinating groups include Mountain Home Redneck Revolt, Anti-Tyranny Brigade, and Anon-Resistance.

Yesterday it was reported that through “United Front Arkansas”,  in statements on their facebook page, using the Communist hammer and sickle symbol, Anti-Fascist Action Arkansas announced that police officers should be disarmed. They further stated that they have just procured more firearms with which they have been practicing, and that the purpose of those firearms is to kill “capitalists”, as they put it, “at close range, from far away, and in large groups“, in their own words.

In response to this escalation, and to reactions by The ShieldWall Network that we were not intimidated or frightened by these terroristic threats, Central Arkansas Antifa has disavowed Antifa Arkansas and stated publicly that they were not affiliated with or associated with the Harrison Diversity Fest, then counter-signaled the claim by the other groups that protesters would be “shut down”, as the armed Antifa have claimed.

Regardless of how many factions of Antifa belatedly recognize that the push for a revolution which they think they want, and their call for violence, has been answered by those for whom that is JUST our game, and pull the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” panty-wetting card, we will still be ready for them. All of them. All the way.