by Billy Roper

A little over a year ago, my father passed away. Yesterday was his birthday, and I decided to spend it honoring his memory by taking the kiddo to the creek, like he and I used to do. We both had a great summer afternoon playing in the water and exploring the woods. The day before, we went to the shooting range, and for the first time I let him shoot the rifle which my dad gave to me when I was his age, as well as a single-shot .22 that my father left to me in his will, which I have passed on to him following his three years of gun safety and marksmanship training. Tomorrow, of course, is Father’s Day, and for those who understand what I mean, it always feels different from the other end. I’ll have a nice dinner with my family, and be grateful for them. I’ll also remember my own father, as so many others will, as well.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote of his parents: ‘I honored my father and loved my mother’. I get that. His dad and mine had a lot in common. But we, as men, can and must be masculine examples to all young men and boys, not just to our biological children. In an age when so many of them grow up in broken homes, raised by single mothers, without a male role model, it’s easier than ever for popular culture, social media, and their public school babysitters to instill feminine perspectives and characteristics into them. That’s also why they are so tolerant of Jewish and homosexual and race-mixing Alt Right ‘leaders’.

I’m a part of what the Alt Right millennials call WN 1.0, even though that’s not technically correct, I’m more like WN 1.5. I see a lot of progress, a lot of potential, and a lot of opportunity for radicalization and hardening among college-aged White men. True, many of them don’t know where they came from, as a movement, how they got there, or what came before, so they’re wastefully trying to re-invent the wheel, all the while their contrarian natures, a result of the missing male role models and a lack of discipline growing up, make them balk at being led or advised by their elders. We need to recognize that it’s not disrespect intentionally, but rather delayed adolescent rebellion, which they’re displaying. And, we need to help them mature by teaching them how to learn from both our mistakes, as well as our successes.

The time will come when listening to corrupted impurity spiralers verbally shit-posting on podcasts won’t satisfy them, any more. They’ll be ready for something IRL. Some of them, early bloomers, already are. It feels almost like, in my interactions with them, I’m trying to raise a million angsty teenaged boys at once. In a way, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

I remember how I was, as a teenager. It’s a wonder that I survived. Like my dad did, I can put up with their nonsense and look forward to the day when they grow up. I just hope that I get to live to see it.