After last year’s first “Pride Fest” to push LGBTQwxyzstickagerbilupyourbutt values in Harrison, Arkansas, more registered and unregistered sex offenders moved from other parts of the state, and from out of state, to Harrison. Why is that? Well, homosexuals are statistically proven to have a greater proclivity to be child molesters. Homosexuals also are more likely to target children both for their own sick sexual pleasure, and for the enlargement of the homosexual community. A more diverse, libertine, tolerant homosexual community allows them to push their “lower the age of consent” NAMBLA slippery slope normalization of child rape. That gives them a fertile environment in which to live and recruit more victims, neither of which should be allowed.

There are 62 registered sex offenders in Harrison, that police know of and have informed the public about. That makes Harrison now nearly THREE TIMES the Arkansas state average in proportion of registered sex offenders to citizens.

Homosexuals, current and potential child molesters, and their supporters will be attending a second ‘Pride Fest’ in Harrison on June 24th. Just like the AntiFa in California in “By Any Means Necessary”, or BAMN, the AntiFa in Arkansas also support child molestation and homosexuality. They have promised to “shut down” protesters opposed to the Sodomite event next Saturday. Victory for our side will be measured by whether or not the Communist and Anarchist faggots succeed in shutting us down, as they bragged that they would, or not. If they attack us, they’ll be lucky to make it out of town alive. Are we haters? Hell, yes. Communists and child molesters are near the top of our list, too.