by Billy Roper

(Updated picture from the inside of the police vehicle)

Last night’s white van parking error was just part and parcel of living in a big city. Not all British are terrorists. However, moderate Islamaphobes are going to be unfairly blamed for the self-radicalized lone wolf actions outside a London mosque, I’m afraid. It’s important that we all hold hands and sing a chorus of “Don’t look back in anger” together.

After decades of Jews being at the forefront of pushing for open borders and the Islamification of Europe, one may have finally snapped. The reports have not been cofirmed yet by the Jewish controlled media yet, but my sources have identified what may be the driver. It seems he is a 47 year old Jew named Darren Osborne. I’m going out on a limb a bit by publishing this before mainstream media reports it, so my readers will have a chance to hear it here first. If that is true then Darren Osborne, the Jew who drove a White van into a crowd of Muslims leaving their prayers at a Finsbury Park mosque in London, screamed that he wanted to kill all Muslims. Barbara Spectre, the Jewess who boasted that Jews would be at the forefront of transforming Europe away from being White, must be disappointed.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Jews and Muslims have clashed. Thousands of French Jews have made Aliyah to Israel in order to get away from the increasing Muslim population there. The Muslim influx has resulted in more acts of “Anti-Semitism” throughout Europe than Whites ever imagined pulling off. And, even Jewish groups coming to Europe to welcome Muslim “refugees”, after taking none themselves in Israel, literally right next door Syria, have faced backlashes from the invaders.

The actions of a parasite, including Jews, are never reasoned or very well thought-out. They just learned, after over 109 pogroms and expulsions from EVERY European nation over and over again, that it is in their interest to destroy White nations. They are instinctive actions, part of their group adaptive survival strategy to undermine tradition and homogeneity and push for other minorities inclusion and open borders so they are not the only  “other”, and are instead camouflaged among a mass of other nonWhite minorities all squabbling for their own slice of the pie, so the loudest and most shrill minority gets the biggest slice.

Just as in the U.S. the closest nonWhite population to use for this purpose was first blacks, and now Hispanics, in Europe it is primarily Muslims, and secondarily Africans. The rising tide of Islam in Europe doesn’t create a welcoming climate for Jews there, either, though. So, some of them are being misidentified as White, and others are being recognized for exactly what they are by the Muslims. Jews have brought their centuries-old war with Muslims to Europe. Darren Osborne might have struck a blow in it in Finsbury Park. Even though he didn’t strike that blow for Whites, it is they, White Britons, who will inevitably face the backlash from it. It is they who are the true victims.

Watch closely to see whether the mainstream media confirms that the Finsbury Park driver was named Darren Osborne, and that he is Jewish.