Oscar Mike.

It’s an American military expression, the phonetic alphabet for “OM”, an abbreviation of “On the Move”, and move the whites must- immediately. The assumption in this case is that the widely separated groups have somehow communicated among themselves and come to the same conclusion, which is that counter-intuitively, they should go to the Namibian coast for extraction instead of the South African west, south or east coasts. Why would that make sense? Well, if they went for any of South Africa’s coasts or all of them, the whites would have the oceans (Atlantic and Indian) at their backs and gathering black forces to their front. They will be pounded by the navy from behind, the air force from above and find themselves surrounded by ground troops- all on South African territory.

Besides making themselves sitting ducks ready for slaughter, such a move also increases the difficulties any foreign ships and aircraft will have in trying to extract them because penetration of South African waters, soil and airspace without the permission of the South African government as well as their own, will be judged as hostile acts which warrant an armed response. The South African government’s permission will become irrelevant if they are authorized to do so under the auspices of a United Nations-authorized humanitarian assistance operation (with military backing), or the governments under whose flag the various vessels are, have given them individual permission along with the necessary military support to prevent attacks on them by the South African armed forces. As I’ve said many times before, the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is these days a farce instead of a force, and is relatively small at around 75.000 troops in total, including reserves. Yes, the army is pathetically small, but it does have quite a lot of artillery (G5 and especially G7 systems) that can kill anything at 30 kilometers or more. The air force lacks money, pilots (most went to the UK and Australia) and spares (some Gripen fighter-bombers have been cannibalized for parts), while the majority of the navy’s submarines and corvettes are sitting in dock (no money or spare parts either), but the little that’s still operational is probably sufficient to sink a lot of unarmed ships and shoot down the majority of aircraft which try to land. On the naval side, there’s another problem. I read last year that a Chinese ship which was illegally fishing in the South African economic exclusion zone was caught with a sonar array similar to the U.S. Navy’s SOSUS network, which was off the South African southern coast. I’m not a naval expert, but it seems logical there would be at least two more arrays, on the western and eastern coasts respectively. These will direct whatever aerial and naval assets are available on intercept courses, and will act as force multipliers that’ll probably cause a rescue attempt in South African waters to fail.

At the same time, there are very good chances the U.N. will fail to come up with a Security Council resolution to act in South Africa. The reason will be twofold. First, information and media control will allow the South African government’s narrative to dominate, and if they say this is merely an attempt to root out coup sympathizers (strictly speaking, an internal matter), it will provide enough plausible deniability to and doubt on the part of other countries, that they may not reach an agreement. The second reason is the more likely- for the last 15 years at least, the South African government has pivoted away from the West and is now big buddies with Russia and China, who are members of the U.N. Security Council, and who can veto any resolution to sanction or otherwise act against South Africa. Russia and China have interests in South Africa, and their past (communist) history makes them unlikely to stand against a white genocide, which they will justify as the continuation of the anti-apartheid “struggle”. There is reason to believe this will be the case, because South Africa is a member of the BRICS organization and have given Russia, China and Iran quite a lot of support at the United Nations, while the West won’t want to be called “racist”… Those debt markers will be called in, and God had better help the whites, because almost nobody else will be able to.

Why Namibia? Lesotho and Swaziland are out. First, they are landlocked countries inside South Africa. Second, both suffered incursions by apartheid security forces, and after 1994, Lesotho was invaded at least once by the SANDF. These countries don’t like the whites very much and they also lack the infrastructure to support the exodus of 4.000.000 people. Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana? They’re out too. Mozambique is in bad shape politically (disputes between the government and former guerrillas), while their infrastructure is plagued by landmines and in extremely poor condition. These people can barely take care of themselves and they won’t help the whites either, because of what the SADF and SAP (Koevoet) forces did to them during the Border Wars. Zimbabwe is a no go, not only because of bitter memories due to South African support for Rhodesia during apartheid, but also because of Robert Mugabe’s anti-white stance and his actions against white farm owners. Given that his country is bankrupt, chances are Mugabe will mobilize the army and if not kill, then definitely rob the South Africans at gunpoint- they don’t call him Mad Bob for nothing, you know. Botswana has a long history of providing support to the ANC, and they were hit by Recce raids more than once. They don’t really get involved in humanitarian adventures and at the same time, it’s unlikely they’ll allow millions of armed and desperate whites on their territory, especially with their diamond fields in the way.

Namibia would be the best choice. Why? Its problems with white South Africans aside, it’s a big country with a small population of around 1.500.000 concentrated in cities and a military force of around 12.500 members. Even if they’re not willing to allow South Africans on Namibian soil, the Namibian Defence Force will likely be unable to resist against 4.000.000 fleeing desperate whites, many of whom will be armed- and neither will the entire population if it came down to it, unless they get military help from South Africa. Given that Namibians fought to get rid of South African rule, it’s somewhat unlikely they would again allow South African troops on their territory. This will be especially true if the whites send emissaries to the Namibian government to convince them the country is merely a transit point and besides a few who might be allowed to settle there, all the majority want is to get out of Africa as soon as possible. To be continued…

Mircea Negres

Port Elizabeth

South Africa