by Billy Roper

Just as predicted in my book The Balk, it’s not just urban areas experiencing voluntary racial segregation. White flight is occurring regionally as those who are able to become desperate enough to uproot themselves and their families to escape not just neighborhoods, but entire regions, as the blackening of the Mississippi delta and black belt strips indicate.

Because black students in black schools can’t be disciplined or taught, and trash their schools, deevolving them into glorified, expensive day care centers, liberals are upset that Whites are voting with their feet and escaping diversity. Some of them, unable to move out, are uniting with other parents of the same race to secede from the multiracial school districts, and form their own. The Left REALLY hates that, because it makes obvious people’s preference in association. They should get used to it, though. More is coming, as America separates, divides, polarizes, and balkanizes.

It’s a good idea for Whites who don’t think they can leave their area right now for whatever reason. Find other beleaguered Whites to stand with. The ShieldWall Network can help you with that. Withdraw from diversity to whatever extent you are able, and withdraw your children from it. You don’t want them to be like the last White kid in the picture above.