by Billy Roper

This brand new Chicago Tribune article describes the continuing migration of blacks from northern cities, in this case particularly Chicago, back to the south. It’s a phenomenon going on throughout the country, directly in line with the demographic exodus I quantified and extrapolated in my book ‘The Balk’, available here, about the coming breakup of America into smaller, more homogeneous ethnostates.

“Southern states are especially a draw for young black residents, Frey said. Jobs are attracting African-Americans in their 20s and 30s, and it’s easier for them to simply move from college or their parents’ home. Southern states tend to have a larger black middle class and more networking opportunities, he said.

It’s possible younger African-Americans are heading South for cultural reasons, too, perhaps to reconnect with relatives in a region steeped in black history, experts say.

The greater Atlanta area in 2016 had the largest numerical increase in black residents in the U.S., gaining more than 46,000 black residents, according to census data.”

Along with the re-migration of blacks back to Dixie comes a parallel and cause and effect related flight of White southerners out of the deep south of the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, to the upper south, which is still predominantly White, and in fact is growing more so every day due to these new semi-refugee arrivals. This trend is anticipated to continue until the black belt dominates local politics in the region, and political and racial separation through geographic segregation becomes first the de facto, then the de jure, reality in the former Confederacy.