The South Africans will be tired, frightened, sick, frustrated, poor, angry at their situation and what they’ve lost. I anticipate some of them will riot like the Cubans of the Mariel boatlift of the 1980s. They will certainly make a poor first impression in a lot of instances, being smelly, and uncooperative as well as possibly hostile due to fear and extremely suspicious of governments they’ve never encountered before. In the end, they will integrate to a certain degree, and pretty soon roadside cafes will host a new collection of old men who dream of taking back their country, like the Cubans did after they fled to the U.S. in the aftermath of Fidel Castro’s rise to power. This will present a new set of problems for the countries which took them in, but that’s a job for future historians to discuss.


Looking back on this scenario, it’s clear the logistical problems of evacuating 4.000.000 people are huge, even under the best circumstances- and neither the world nor Mr. Murphy of murphy’s Law fame are exactly nice or cooperative… Nevertheless, the best way to ensure the success of such an endeavor would be to pre-position supplies along the routes. The problems this will pose are huge, and they will depend on the goodwill of the ANC-led South African government, who are unlikely to take kindly to any efforts to prepare for a white genocide on their territory, especially since this will have a lot of political consequences at local and international levels. Be that as it may, if anybody was to undertake the task of pre-positioning supplies, it would have to be governments under the auspices of special forces groups. By my reckoning, such an operation will easily tie up 80% of any country’s special forces complement and by necessity become the biggest covert operation in history that will fail in short order because the quantities of supplies are so large that they will register on road and customs monitoring systems, to say nothing of the areas where they’ll have to be buried or the need to perform stock rotation…


Last week, an acquaintance of mine said with a lot of depressed sarcasm after I gave him a bare bones summary of this article “Well, you’re a ray of sunshine…” He didn’t understand something- this is by far the most optimistic scenario I could come up with. In truth, I think the situation will be a damned nightmare which can quite easily lead to the loss of at least 80% of the white population of South Africa within three months due to lack of international sympathy for what the whites will endure, delayed or non-arrival of aid, and refusal of foreign governments to take in refugees coupled with widely separated and poorly armed groups of whites surrounded by South African military and police-backed groups bent on their total annihilation. Bring artillery and mortars into it, and we’ll almost certainly be looking at a slaughter on an epic scale. For the whites of South Africa, this will be their version of the End of Days. It will be the end of the last bastion of European-influenced society in Africa. Quite what that will mean for South Africa and the African continent is difficult to predict, but at the very least a lot of governments will re-assess their political and trade positions vis-à-vis the continent as a whole. It’s certainly possible we may be looking at sanctions and political isolation coupled with the degeneration of the entire continent along political and social lines, as well as increased corruption by ruling elites and exploitation of the continent by foreign governments and sanction busters on a scale to rival imperial behavior in Africa during the 19th century.


None of this makes for happy contemplation, but for sure it also does not need to ever happen. Unfortunately, the political and economic situation is worsening in South Africa, with the ANC increasingly corrupt and the economy in a recession for which Gwede Mantashe had the gall to blame private business, as if they’re responsible for rigid labor laws, racially motivated economic policies and uncertainty caused by comments senior members of the ANC and government leaders have been making for years. This means the above scenario is more likely than not, in my opinion. If you’ve gotten this far, I recommend you do what I’ve just done- crack open a bottle and pour yourself a stiff drink, because you’re gonna need it.

The End.


Mircea Negres

Port Elizabeth

South Africa