The ShieldWall Network and its allies in the League of the South and The Knights Party, supported by many local citizens, have achieved their third victory in less than a month against Antifa!

On May 27th, The Redneck Revolt/John Brown Gun Club cancelled their scheduled anti-White rally in Harrison, Arkansas for the second time, out of fear that they would be opposed by Billy Roper and The ShieldWall Network. The League of the South and the Knights Party stood with The ShieldWall Network and White Lives Matter that day, earning an easy victory when Antifa punked out and refused to show up.

Two weeks later, on June 10th, The ShieldWall Network held an Anti-Sharia Rally in Batesville, Arkansas, supported by local citizens, which garnered national media attention. Antifa did show up for that event, but were too frightened to bring out the weapons they had brought to attempt the violence they had threatened until after Roper’s ShieldWall Network had already successfully completed their rally and gone home. Then, the Antifa posed with their bats and clubs and bragged about how several different Antifa organizations were going to work together to “shut down” Roper’s next, larger planned event: the Trad Rally June 24th in Harrison. The Trad Rally was planned in opposition to a Gay Pride parade and Diversity Fest, and The Knights Party also organized an allied protest in conjunction with Roper’s ShieldWall Network protest. The two group’s actions, leading up to and especially on the day of the parade, were very closely coordinated.

Perhaps because in his meeting before the protest with Harrison Chief of Police Paul Woodruff Roper was assured that the city would not allow Antifa to wear masks in the city to hide their identities, or more likely because they knew, due to the escalating threats on both sides, that things had begun to get real, once again Antifa chickened out and showed themselves to be gutless LARPers. Once again, they didn’t have the testicular fortitude to even show up, much less “shut down” anything.

As it turned out, the combined protesters far outnumbered last year’s crowd, having enough participants to line both sides of the parade route from the Boone County courthouse square on Main Street, confining the small, pitiful group of ugly dykes and limp-wristed faggots to one corner of the square. The Gay Pride parade was harassed and jeered from both sides of the street by the protesters, many of whom kept pace with the homosexuals along the parade route, using chants of ridicule and derision referring to gerbils and HIV. Protesters far outnumbered parade supporters, by easily a three to one margin. No more than four magazine changes of homosexuals were involved in the Gay Pride parade and Diversity Fest, in total.

Once the beleaguered parade faggots staggered into their roped off area, the protesters were able to occupy all three roads around the park, displaying signs and banners for hours, and receiving overwhelming support from the community in the form of honks, waves, and thumbs up. Some Harrison area citizens even stopped to join in the protest, themselves. The ShieldWall Network gained five new affiliate member prospects through the day’s activities.

National Public Radio interviewed Billy Roper and several other event organizers on both sides of the drama today, as did other local media, and their reports, however skewed they may be, should be forthcoming soon. Until then, here is a brief video showing how The ShieldWall Network and The Knights Party occupied both sides of Main Street along the courthouse square, confining the homosexuals to one corner.