July 4th- Holiday literature distribution.

July 21st-23rd- SWN and SM summer campout in north-central Arkansas.

This family friendly event will feature cookouts, hiking, swimming, camping, rock climbing, and more.

Children’s organized activities will include wildlife and plant identification, woodland safety, first aid, nature walks, fossil discovery, campfire building, tent raising, outdoor cooking, potable water procuring, firearm and archery safety, marksmanship, water safety, rafting and canoeing, orientation, astronomy, and more!

No alcoholic beverages, please. This will be a family friendly event. Let us know if you are interested as soon as possible so we can determine the number of camping areas to reserve.

E-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com for more details if you’d like to get involved, or help start a ShieldWall Network in your local area!