by Billy Roper

The two small dueling “free speech” rallies in Washington, D.C. were quite educational to students of history and cyclical political dialectics.

Richard Spencer, having apparently given up on dating Asian girls in favor of a part Russian, part Georgian wife who is almost White, has been influenced by her Pan-Slavism, and Aleksander Dugin’s, to the point that he’s no longer a Russophile, but rather a full blown Neo-Soviet. As such, he’s taken a page from the old Bolshevik playbook. A full century ago, over there, a wing of the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party, opposed to the Bolsheviks, became known as the Mensheviks. After the overthrow of the Czar in 1917, they were isolated by Vladimir Lenin and defeated by him. By defeated, read ‘purged’.

How did Lenin do that? Well, he pointed out that the Mensheviks were more moderate than the Bolsheviks, and not extreme enough. He painted himself, comparatively, as a hard-liner, and rallied a majority behind himself because, frankly, he had the funding, from foreign and domestic capital, to build a big tent. Martov, the leader of the Mensheviks, argued for an even bigger, more inclusive tent. Now, don’t get me wrong, they both were Marxists, and they both believed in a necessary revolution and a dictatorship of the proletariat. I don’t want woefully historically uneducated Americans to lose my point in the arcane details of proto-Soviet power-wrangling. Suffice to say that Spencer has positioned Cernovich and the Alt Lite as the Mensheviks, the more moderate and inclusive ‘cucks’, to his slightly less moderate, barely more hard-line, Bolsheviks. I mean, at least the people at his rally were pretending to be White, kinda, right? That’s his angle with his spat fight with Greg Johnson, the attempted coopting of Southern Nationalism, and the pointing to his left at the Alt Lite, to make himself and his race mixing, half Jew carrying, homosexual enabling contingent seem right-wing, by comparison. You see what he did, there? Neat, huh?

Ironically, 75% of Georgians supported the Mensheviks, it was their largest area of solid control. So, those part-Turkish border Slavs have held a grudge, and learned from a hundred years’ hate. What Spencer forgets, though, is that purges have a way of gaining momentum and getting out of hand. Just ask the hundreds of Jacobins who ended up under the guillotine themselves, or, yes, the thousands of victims of the Communist party purges of 1921, and 1929, and 1933. Train kept a rollin’, all night long.

As White Nationalists of true character and integrity, i.e., those whose healthy natural instincts always told them that they shouldn’t date outside of their race or hang out with half Jews or promote homosexuals, regardless of how corrupt public education and popular culture might have been, maintain their radical flank effect, those continuing purges will become inevitable. To paraphrase an old song, the party on the right, will be the party on the left, and yesterday’s based will be tomorrow’s cucked. We are continually shifting the Hegelian dialectic rightwards on ya, Dick. The Overton Window slides further in our direction, and your past actions, your invitations to Jews and homosexuals, your defense of faggotry, your race treason in dating Asians, well, it all just is too much heavy baggage to allow you to keep up. You’re not going to be able to opportunistically scoot yourself right fast enough.

Those who don’t have the inborn, natural, instinctive judgement and common sense to not be race traitors without being told not to, should be, and will be, disqualified from leadership and spokesperson positions in our movement. And a bit of advice: once we get our White nation, if I were you, I’d make sure to keep that kind of thing in the closet. If you think we’re purity spiraling now, just wait until we get into power. Oh, yes, it will be the most ruthless, those willing to go the furthest, who will define the parameters, too. Count on it. We’re not going to base our standards on the lowest common denominator, any more.

The Alt Right are eliminating the Alt Lite. Cool. That means that the most liberal wing of Nationalism, after the Civic Nationalist multi-racialists are purged back into the Libertarianism from whence they came, will be the Spencer/Enoch coalition. They’ve already been judged and found wanting by a large and growing percentage of the White Nationalist movement, those who don’t like the defense of faggotry, or race mixing, or half Jews. As more and more of the Alt Right become radicalized, they will either become full blown White Nationalists and reject the impurity-spiraling cuckoldry, or they’ll fall by the wayside. Either way is fine with me.

See, the problem isn’t with those who are neophytes and learning. The problem isn’t with those who are just coming in. The problem is with those who already know better, but who want to KEEP people at a soft, entry level place. The problem is with those who want to stop people from radicalizing past them, from becoming harder than themselves on the JQ, and homosexuals, and race. Why would they do this? Because they are profiteers? Egotists? Gutless cucks? Or, maybe they’re just opportunists who will sell their souls to lick a cowardly, effete, feminine millionaire’s Asian-banging, Duginist ball-sack? Asking for a friend.

Whichever, just remember, when we point out that YOU are now the Alt Lite, don’t accuse of us punching right. You’re way, way over to our left, bringing up the rear. And you thought the night of the long knives was a one-off.