Book review by Billy Roper

One of the faults which many find with the Alt Right millennials is that they are disconnected from the history of the White Nationalist movement. They may use the number “14” to be edgy, and some of them may even know the fourteen words, but a surprising percentage of them know little about their author, David Lane, or The Order itself, not to mention its other members.

In order to know where they going, though, people need to know where they came from. If they wish to avoid attempting to re-invent the wheel, then it would serve all White Nationalists to familiarize themselves with the great men who came before us: for example, Pastor Richard Butler, Dr. William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell, and yes, Adolf Hitler. We need to read their writings, research their lives, and learn from both their successes, as well as their errors.

I was greatly honored to know men like David Lane and Dr. Pierce and Pastor Butler and learn from them, and I was also honored when I was first approached to be one of the contributors to this book, Unbroken Warrior, about another great hero of our folk, Richard Scutari.

Because Richard is still alive, locked away in the Federal gulag, his struggle continues. Various court and legal proceedings made the timing and publication of this book something of a sensitive matter. Now that it has been released, the whole world has an opportunity to read the truth about his life, and his involvement with the Bruders Schweigen.

This is a new, completely revised edition, produced by the 55 Club. My contribution can be found on P. 63-68. As I read through the chapters, I couldn’t help but be moved all over again by the sacrifice, the commitment, and the dedication of these men who stood up and fought back for our people. In a time when so many of our men are feminized, castrated, and deracinated, they behaved as men. For that, they are often reviled. Now that some of The Order are gone, those who remain bear on their shoulders the reflected blame  arrows of guilt aimed at anyone more courageous than themselves which are so often slung by weaker men. Richard, since his incarceration, has touched as many lives in a positive manner, and done as much for our people, as he accomplished even before he was locked up. The many pictures included in this book of him with dozens of other White men, each of whom in turn influenced others, bear witness to that continuing stand for truth. Indeed, as the title suggests, despite decades of continuing censure, abuse, and veritable torture, Richard Scutari remains an Unbroken Warrior.

“…Unbroken Warrior, Richard Scutari – retells the glorious story of The Order (Bruders Schweigen) and one of its finest members, Richard Scutari. In its pages, we hear from more than 20 different contributors who have something to say about Richard Scutari and The Order – contributors such as Tom Metzger and Ron McVan. This book contains the writings of Richard Scutari, along with new material that has not yet been seen. Overall, this is a book dedicated to the noble life and actions of Richard Scutari who remains incarcerated because he remains “Unbroken”…”

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