by Billy Roper

Last night, I took my family to a local church to enjoy some watermelon and ice cream, socialize with a few hundred members of our community in a crowd that was over 95% White, and then view a spectacular fireworks display. I’m a known person in our area, as a volunteer and active citizen, so many of them greeted me by name, with hugs and handshakes. We believe in being persons of influence in our community on a local level, too.

After a brief sermon emphasizing that our freedom doesn’t come from a government which can give it or take it away legitimately as it wishes, our freedoms come from God (just as colonial Revolutionary War pastors taught), we had the display of colors and the national anthem. Do you wonder if we stood? Of course we stood. I always stand, take my hat off, and put my hand over my heart. This isn’t for show, either.

Look, I understand that the last men to really die for my freedom were wearing gray. My ancestors were among them. I think everyone knows exactly how I feel about our federal government, don’t you? But I still stand, paying my respects to the symbol not of what America is, but of what it was, and what I am working every day to make it, or at least a big chunk of it, once again.

White Nationalists can communicate with patriotic Americans on their level, because the truth is that WE are the true patriots. Our enemies hate the founding principles and ideals of our nation. All of the Founding Fathers were White Nationalists. They were all White men who stated that they were establishing the new government to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their progeny. Right there in the Constitution. Not the progeny of Asia or Mexico, or their obsolete farm machinery, or the “merciless Indian savages”. They stated by law, in the Naturalization Act of 1790, even before the Constitution was ratified, first thing, that only Whites could immigrate to and become citizens of the United States. Then, just to be clear, they doubled down five years later, repeating themselves.

That’s why we can and should find common ground and common cause with well-intentioned flag-wavers. Their hearts are pure, and they mean well. In fact, they are very likely going to be on our side when the lines are drawn, if we don’t alienate them. That doesn’t mean we should embrace anti-racist Civic Nationalists or Oath Keepers, of course, they are our enemies, but plenty of self-described patriots, especially on the local and grassroots level, believe largely as we do. They just wrap it in the flag. And, who’s to say that that is such a bad idea, really? Let our enemies cloak themselves in anti-Americanism and burn the U.S. flag, driving more people towards us, if they want.

See, there’s this misconception among some White Nationalists that the Founding Fathers, living as they did in an age when race mixing and acceptance of homosexuality was unthinkable, didn’t think about it or explicitly forbid such deviancy. They did. Explicitly. They made homosexuality a felony punishable by castration, imprisonment, or death, and made interracial marriages illegal, too. They really tried, honestly. In fact, the Founding Fathers of the United States enacted racial and moral laws which were more strict than those of National Socialist Germany.

That’s why, regardless of how clearly the current Jewish Occupied Government promotes White genocide, we should not hate the flag of the United States, but rather reclaim it and think of it as a symbol of what our nation was intended to be, by the men who founded it, and what much of it will be, once again, when we have our own White nation once again: whether we choose to keep that same symbol, or create a new one.

In terms of symbolism, as I said, many of my ancestors fought for the Confederacy, against the United States. The Confederate flag, as a son of the South, has a special place in my heart. To be honest, culturally and in terms of heritage, it holds a place more revered than the U.S. flag ever could occupy. However, just as I do not blame the United States flag as a symbol for the actions of today’s United States government, I won’t grab onto every so-called movement which claims to be working to save the symbols of the Confederacy, whether that is the flag, or monuments to the military leaders whom my ancestors followed, without question. For example, I cannot support, indeed, I must vigorously oppose, race mixers and homosexual enablers attempting to use the cause of Confederate monuments to advance their acceptance into any part of the pro-White movement. My Confederate ancestors would have shot, or to save the powder, would have hung any Boston or New York born impurity spiralers who promoted race mixing and homosexuals being forgiven or allowed into their ranks. Furthermore, they would have drummed out and shunned any who knowingly turned a blind eye and allowed them in, much less stood with them. Those who insult and degrade my Confederate ancestors and heritage by attempting to use their memory to open the gate for homosexuals and race mixers are not just mistaken; they are my enemies…much more so than the patriotic redneck waving the U.S. flag but holding positive racial and moral views ever could be.

I hope that my thoughts on the issue of the 4th of July, the flag and other symbols of our country, and patriotism in general will help other genuine patriots who understandably have mixed feelings about all of it, too. When we look at those stars and stripes, we know what the Founders meant, and we know what we mean, too, whenever we stand up for it. Because, really, in a way that actually counts, nobody else will.