Cain Andrew Bell: Author of historically honest children’s books.

Whether your children are home-schooled and you are constantly searching for good history teaching tools, or they attend public school and you want to make sure that YOUR values are also represented to them in their reading material, this website offers something long-sought after and much needed. Many have asked for a source for racially conscious children’s books, in particular one like the forthcoming honest assessment of Adolf Hitler. Now, parents and children have an alternate to the politically correct, biased perspective of the anti-White publishing houses.

Some of the subject titles Bell has written deal with the truth about slavery, racial loyalty, and political history, which are already available. Forthcoming titles include an unflinching look at Islam, as well.

As an author, I understand what a monumental undertaking this is, not just the writing, but the artwork, editing, publishing, and now the advertising. That’s why I’m honored to have an opportunity to tell you about Cain A. Bell and his children’s books. I encourage you to visit their website and take advantage of the opportunity to give your kids, or some White children you care about, the truth, on a level where they can absorb and profit from it.

The next project I would love to see the author and his team undertake would be the conversion of the books from Kindle format to print books, so children can also enjoy them in that format in the future. Keep checking back with their website as new titles become available!