by Billy Roper

John Brummett, the left-wing anti-White editorial writer for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper, often takes a predictably liberal view of statewide happenings. In his most recent column, though, he outlines how continued White flight out of majority black areas of the state, particularly in the central Arkansas region, has made the “cultural” differences between blacks and Whites more stark. Well, that’s one way to put it, John.

Another way to put it is that blacks can’t behave, not even towards each other, but that shouldn’t be an argument compelling Whites to live among them and participate in their misery. True, they turn their neighborhoods into crime and drug infested third world slums, but that’s exactly why incidents like the Ultra Power Night Club shootings happen, and furthermore, it’s exactly why where I live, in the overwhelmingly White Ozarks, nearly a quarter of the population are Whites who have moved here in the last decade from places like Louisiana and Mississippi, to escape black “culture”.

What’s more, whether they are huddled in gated communities and exclusive neighborhoods in Little Rock, or buying homes and property in the more rural hinterlands of the northern half of the state, these Whites know why they chose not to enjoy the vibrance and richness of diverse culture any longer. Many of them aren’t even afraid to talk about it. I discuss it with them in person nearly every day, and hear a thousand different variations of the same story.

“It just isn’t a safe place to raise children there, any more.”

“There’s less crime and, you know… TRAFFIC here.”

“The nature is beautiful, it’s really quiet and peaceful.”

“The schools are so much better, the further north you go.”

Euphemisms galore, feeling each other out for the acceptable Overton Window of political incorrectness. And there’s that same facial expression, that knowing nod, the opening to name the beast, a good precursor to eventually naming the Jew.

John Brummett, living in one of those safe, isolated, overwhelmingly White local enclaves himself, hasn’t quite gotten that far along, yet. But sometimes, even liberals admit that the niggerbirds poop all over their own nests, even when it was made for them and handed over by someone else. That’s why birds of a feather flock together, and so many of them are taking wing to migrate north to the Ozarks.

When Yankees used to come south for the warmer winters, we called them ‘snowbirds’. Now, we refer to all of our new arrivals, whether from the southern part of Arkansas or from other southern states, as Kiri birds. As in, “Ki-ri, Ki-ri, Christ, there are a lot of monkeys back there!”

If you don’t happen to live in a place which is experiencing an influx of White refugees yourself, then that might be a sign that you’re living on the wrong side of the front lines of what will become New America, as described here.

Maybe you should become a Kiri bird, too.