This new article on the White Genocide Project website discusses the latest protest which The ShieldWall Network participated in.

After years and much effort, AntiWhites had failed to gain much headway on their program of WhiteGeNOcide in Harrison, AR. Because past attempts to force racial diversity upon the town had failed, last year saw the first attempt at bringing sexual diversity with only undertones of racial diversity to Harrison.

The League of the South rallied other organizations and citizens to protest the first incursion. Having found out the members of the League of the South would be attending another event on the 24th of June, the AntiWhites redoubled their efforts, hopeful of obtaining a victory virtually unopposed. Even going so far as holding a “Drag” contest the evening of the 23rd before the day of the event, with a larger side order of racial diversity.

However the Shield Wall Network organized by Billy Roper and members of the Christian Revival Center lead by Pastor Tom Robb began to organize protests against this AntiWhite onslaught. Between them about 60+ ProWhites and several White and Normal folk had their voices heard for 4 hours. Other members of the community of Harrison volunteered an hour of their evening there as well.

Despite months of planning and much money backing them, the AntiWhites didn’t achieve the victory they’d hoped for. ProWhites stood along the parade route and took up positions on 3 sides of the park along the highways holding banners, flags and signs, where the event was held. Motorists with cheerful waves and words directed towards ProWhites outnumbered the mournful cries of rage from AntiWhites by more than 9 to 1.

After the successful protest a few of those attending the protest gathered at the courthouse for a picture before heading to a victory celebration. AntiWhites have failed yet again to get the camel’s nose of WhiteGeNOcide into Harrison, AR. Our banners, signs and flags are tucked away awaiting the next time, when we’ll say NO to WhiteGeNOcide even louder.