In 1970, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was 70% White. Today, due to White flight to the upper south from the deep south, the larger black birth rate, and black re-migration back into the deep south from the northeast and midwest, Baton Rouge is currently 37% White, and falling.

As recently discussed in regards to Jackson, the 80% black capitol and largest city in neighboring Mississippi, Black Nationalism is on the rise in Baton Rouge, too.

The New Black Panther Party, which calls for a ‘Republic of New Afrika’ independent black nation in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, is growing there, and becoming bold enough to openly battle with police. 

“Ron Ceasar, a Baton Rouge resident connected to the NBPP, is pledging an escalation of violence. Ceasar was interviewed by the and said a violent civil war is coming.”

His social media comments and statements to and about police, and Whites in general, make it clear that he, too, knows balkanization is coming.