by Billy Roper

As a political creature, everything in my life plays into or revolves around or lends itself to my political thought process, and is viewed through that lens. Even skeet shooting.

If you follow me on social media, you know that this morning I took the kiddo to shoot some clay pigeons. That’s him, in the picture, at bat.

One lesson I keep reminding him of is that you don’t aim for where the target is, you aim for where it will be when your shot reaches it. Just like clays, the Overton Window is, with the constant push and pull of the dialectic, a moving target. What that means is that people who cuck to the left and stand with race mixers and gay enablers and Jew lovers ostensibly to bring new people in are moving left themselves, at a faster rate of devolvement than their target audience is moving right.

Not only do they, by moving left, retard the radicalization of the mainstream by working against the right side’s dialectic struggle in pursuit of their more moderate big tent, they themselves head off in the wrong direction. Not that we should care, that much, if their instincts are that poor and their character and standards that weak, if they end up being the new Alt Lite and featured in the next Night Of The Long Knives, but they probably should.

Instead of properly using the radical flank effect as all true leaders should, to continually radicalize those whom they influence (such as the promoters of impurity spiraling, who immediately begin attacking people to their own left to carve out some wiggle room in the middle) the cucking leftwards fanboys aim at a target far to the left of their own current position, and that of their followers. Though their net influence is negative, it’s always shortlived, as history outpaces them in one direction or another.

Some people aim at where the target was, and undershoot it. Others aim right at it, and also miss, because it’s still moving. Those who are pushing the radical flank effect aim at where they WILL the target to be when the shot hits, and bust clays all day.