Pax Dickinson, the invited libertarian speaker at Richard “flinchy” Spencer’s Unite The Right rally, didn’t just name a Jew, Peter Belau, to head up his Alt Right fundraising scheme and political party. Another of the governing heads (“High Councillor”) of Counter.Fund is Belau’s buddy, Jascha Sundaresan, pictured. He’s a software engineer from San Francisco, where apparently he and Belau lived until they were thrown out of a bar for wearing Trump t-shirts last year, allegedly, and then moved to Fresno. The article doesn’t specify whether the Jewish Belau and the East Indian Sundaresan were living together as roommates, as Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Unite The Right rally, likes to do with  a series of black men smaller than himself (not an easy find) for seven or eight years of domestic partnership at the time, or not.

That incident was unrelated to his arrest last year for driving under a suspended license. The Daily Stormer has since created a “Jew Free” competing Alt Right fundraising apparatus, in response to Pax Dickinson’s scheme.