By Billy Roper

When we look at how and why formerly homogeneous nations balkanize, we see that it’s most often because they either never were, or cease to be, homogeneous nations at all. That’s why Yugoslavia, an artificial conglomeration, broke up into smaller ethnostates, and that’s why the modern countries of Kenya, Syria, and Iraq are heading in the same direction. Due to its continually increasing division and polarization, the United States is well on its way to breakup, as well. Red States vs. Blue. Flyover vs. the Coastlands. Regionally, as well as politically, culturally, and racially, America is more divided than it has been in over a generation, and more fragile in its union than it has been since the last civil war.

And, when we look at when such balkanization events occur, we find that typically some crisis scenario undermines and weakens the legitimacy and power of the central authority; usually an external war, such as happened with the Ottoman Empire, leading to internal dissolution, or economic stress, such as with the former Soviet Union, leading to the central authority becoming bankrupt and overextended.

The U.S. Federal budget deficit is $441 billion as of the most current budget estimate. That’s for Fiscal Year 2017 which covers October 1, 2016, through September 30, 2017. The deficit occurs because the U.S. government spending of $4.073 trillion is higher than its revenue of $3.632 trillion. All of us who have to balance household budgets know that this won’t fly. At the end of FY 2017, the gross US federal government debt is estimated to be $19.5 trillion, according to the FY17 Federal Budget. Much of that debt is held by foreign banks and foreign governments, including China and Japan, each of which hold around 7%, depending on currency fluctuations.

There also, of course, is a looming credit bubble, which could burst, just as the housing bubble did nine years ago, except with far worse ramifications.

Fake money and the collapse of the American empire:

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And here, the Slow Collapse of Imperial Power looks at how the national institutions of the United States, particularly the federal governmental ones, have lost all legitimacy except as implementer of either the carrot (welfare and other “benefits’) or the stick (law enforcement, which for the first time expanded its power unilaterally by sentencing the first person to death for a federal ‘hate crimes’ conviction).

Once the federal government is no longer able to feed its subjects the carrot, or beat them with a stick, or when someone else has a bigger carrot or a bigger stick, even that limited loyalty is lost. Greed and fear have replaced patriotism as factors in why people stand and make the pledge of allegiance. The problem with being feared, rather than loved, is that there’s always somebody scarier. The problem with being needed, rather than wanted, is that there’s always somebody with deeper pockets. In the event of an economic crisis such as the one which many economists are forecasting, the United States government may have to forestall its entitlement program outlays, and abdicate much of its direct power over the several states. In such a scenario, the top down authoritarian enforcement of multiracialism will pop off the lid of the simmering melting pot, and the already highly divided and polarized public will, many of them, either be happy to have the excuse to look after their own interests, or be forced to, whether they like the idea, or not. Let’s be frank. How long after their EBT cards stopped working, would blacks in inner cities remain pacified? How long after they stopped getting paid for their shipments, would rural White farming areas stop shipping food into those cities?

We read a lot, therefore, about crisis secession scenarios, either in terms of de facto or de jure secession as #CalExit supporters and Republic of Texas dreamers fantasize about, in different directions. Cascadia, Dixie, the Northwest Republic, and a dozen other movements wish for autonomy. I’m not immune from the frenzy, either, as those who’ve read The Balk can testify. Wherever and whatever we want our utopian future to be, it’s bound to be someone else’s dystopia, almost certainly someone who has their eyes on the same piece of real estate, with an entirely different future in mind. That’s why no independence movement, even in a vacuum of federal power, is ever likely to vote itself sovereign. As such, things will get messy, but the less outside influence there is being exercised, the less messy it could be, potentially. Does it make us unpatriotic, then, to think that the economic collapse of the federal government, and the removal of central government power, is in the best interests of our people? Not if we have a truly national, rather than civic, definition of just who ‘our people’ are, and not if we’ve already accepted the inevitability of two other things: multiracial democracy cannot fly, and what cannot fly, must fall. The only logical conclusion, then, is that forced integration and authoritarian multiracialism is not in our people’s interests, so what is in their interests, is separation and balkanization, with each group inheriting their own slice of the pie, free from oppression, racism, and domination by any other group, finally.

So, have you figured out who your people are? Are they anyone to the right of Che Guevara, regardless of whether they have mixed race kids? People who have spent their lifetime using fake names and marrying into something? Anybody who calls themselves Alt Right, or supports free speech? Those who welcome Whites, as well as Jews and Asians? Are they anyone who has the spotlight or their daddy’s millions in a trust fund to get it? Or, do you recognize that the Founding Fathers meant something exclusive when they said they were establishing this nation to secure the blessings of liberty for their progeny? They meant for the United States to be a nation of, by, and for White people, specifically. And, having failed so epically in that vision that it cannot be regained through the ballot box, that dream must be awoken from, to a new reality. A New America.

It will be a lovely place where people who have encouraged the inclusion of race mixers, Jews, and homosexuals are put up against a wall.

You don’t have to do anything but watch, as its already taking shape. But you can choose to either stand astride the train tracks of history with your safety pins and your rainbow flag saying “Stop!”, or you can get out of the way, or you can help spread the word, as many are doing. When the thin veneer of civilization artificially held on by full fridges and steady lights falls away, then we will all get real, quick. And when Big Brother is no longer able to feed us or spank us for not behaving, there’s going to be a temper tantrum that will make all of the horror story myths about the 19th and 20th centuries sound downright comfy. If anti-White liberals continue to try to force multiracialism and White genocide on us, then by the time we’re through, they’ll be thinking of the plantation and the concentration camps as safe spaces, by comparison. Because, all you’ve done with your tales of victimization, is given us some really cool ideas, along with the realization that however bad it was, apparently it wasn’t enough, so this time, we’ll have to finish the job.

Or, we could just go our separate ways, without the mass graves. Flip a coin.