On this Reddit group, Rough Map of a Balkanized US (based on current political divisions), some people are trying to imagine what the continent will look like when the United States balkanizes, based roughly on current political regions. Some of the comments are more insightful than the map itself. More of California will go to Mexico. The deep south will be New Afrika. Other changes will evolve, based more on demographics, than culture or politics.

For example, southern Whites who are so soft that they think they will VOTE their way to a new nation, or who if there is a war, are not ruthless enough to ethnically cleanse the contested area of both maggots as well as flies, will lose, as they deserve to. So will Whites in other regions who ally themselves with race mixers, homosexuals and other degenerates, and Jews. Contrarily, nonWhites who think being conservative and claiming Christianity will save them will be in for a sharp surprise when confronted with true White patriots who are based.

Some of the participants get it, though, as this recent comment makes clear:

“I dont know how happy the residents of the New American Confederacy would be, seeing as the whole country is pretty much the black belt.”

By the very definition of ethnic conflict, either before or after a White ethnostate emerges, those who retarded its creation and growth by not being sufficiently ruthless to its genetic enemies will face, at best, exile to live among the nonWhites they were unwilling to eliminate. If there are any left on the other side of the new borders. if not, they can join them in fertilizing our tomatoes.