Over 5,000 hard right National Socialist patriots joined together for a music concert in a small German town last weekend. No race mixing, Jew led, gay enabling speakers were required to bring together the crowd. In fact, their successful event proves that rather than trying to develop broader appeal or a softer, more inclusive approach, Whites thrive in polarization, when under pressure of fines and incarceration for expressing their views. Under those circumstances the LOLers and bullshit artists are separated from the serious people. In fact, it will be polarization which makes possible a new White nation through balkanization, not mainstreaming and moderation.

from Russia Times

The tiny German town of Themar saw 6,000 people flock to what is said to be the country’s largest neo-Nazi rock festival: “Rock against Foreign Domination.” The far-right concertgoers vastly outnumbered the town’s population of 3,000 people.

The event, ‘Rock gegen Ueberfremdung’ (Rock against Foreign Domination), took place on Saturday in the small, sleepy town of Themar in eastern Germany. According to various German media, the festival was the largest event of its kind.