by Billy Roper

At first it was a joke, made by miserably single, sexually frustrated young men. They saw many women in their age group being trendy and spouting liberal memes. They had trouble getting a job which would allow them to attract a quality female, they felt, financially. In many instances, they even saw feminists on the one hand and female Social Justice Warriors on the other reject them completely.

And so, they began to glorify rape. As a LOL, of course.

Noone faults Nathan Damigo for punching Moldilocks in Berkeley. She got what she had coming for wanting to get into the melee and scrap with men. She had claimed that she was going to bring home 100 Nazi scalps, remember? Now, punching a woman is better than not punching anyone at all, in a fight. Richard Spencer, by comparison, just prances half a block away and fixes his hair, instead of hitting back, when he gets punched. If I had been in Nathan’s situation, I would have done exactly the same thing. No, the incident with the disgusting harpy there isn’t why Nathan Damigo is wrong. Here is why Nathan Damigo is wrong:

White Sharia.

It isn’t White.

Nathan Damigo doesn’t understand that LOLing the abduction and rape of White females in order to forcibly impregnate them isn’t just bad optics, it’s unChristian, and it’s unAryan.

We don’t need to adopt any nonWhite cultural or religious practices, whether Sharia or Seppuku.

White men need the comfort, encouragement, and reassurance of White women, as our partners. The sexes have different roles to play in a healthy society, based on their God-given gifts, specialties, and natural gender roles. Likewise, White women need the protection, providance, and yes, the guidance of White men, as their partners.

White men do not need sex slaves, whether they be the submissive yellow of Spencer, Anglin, and Chapman’s tastes, the dirty brown of Cantwell and Invictus’s preferences, the sly Jewishness of Enoch’s, or no, not even the White of Damigo’s.

White men need White women to behave as natural and healthy White women should.

How do we get that?

Simple. By behaving as natural and healthy White men should.

A healthy woman is attracted to alpha males, to strength, to courage. Instinctively, she seeks out mates who can protect and provide for herself and her children. Why should a woman want to be with a man who is so afraid of being called a “racist” that he allows their nation to be overrun with foreign invaders, and steps off the sidewalk for black men, smiling and nodding and looking down like a whipped dog? What kind of woman would be attracted to that?  None worth having.

Women are attracted to conquerors. To winners. To men who will at least fight for them, to defend and protect them. White guys shouldn’t complain about White women not behaving in a racially natural and healthy manner, unless they are behaving in a racially natural and healthy manner, themselves.

Hey, guys, it’s not macho to joke about kidnapping and raping White women. It’s even less manly to daydream about implementing it. The fact that its proponents have to quote open homosexuals to defend White Sharia should set off alarm bells, even if that homosexual, Jack Donovan, is Jason Kessler’s favorite current read, at the suggestion of his young Turkish “buddy”.

Now, I understand that Nathan Damigo is associated with the ‘Christians United For Israel’ organization, through his family, and that there’s been a recent shakeup within Identity Europa over the group having some feminist members. How Zionist Christians and feminists mesh with rape fantasy White Sharia must have been a sick witch’s brew. Not, ‘sacrifice a goat and drink its blood’ level, but still, I wouldn’t be surprised if next, Nathan finds himself standing on a stage somewhere with race mixers, Jew promoters, and gay enablers. Maybe he can talk them into White Sharia, too. If his Asian girlfriend will let him.