Putting your hopes in the ballot box, even on the U.S. Senate in Michigan level, is a lost cause, demographically and politically, at this point, folks. The only reason to run a candidate is for propaganda purposes. In that case, it all has to be about the message delivered. Does supporting a race-mixing celebrity carry forward our message? I understand that he may have said some things vaguely supportive of the first and second amendments. But please, people, if ‘Kid Rock’ does run for public office, don’t waste your time trying to promote him. If you do, here’s what you will be endorsing and normalizing through your support:

Robert James Ritchie may wave the Confederate flag, but he is a race traitor with a mullato kid. It’s not even biologically his own kid, apparently, but the kid of one of the string of black women he dated.

“I love America. I love Detroit, and I love black people,” Rock said at the Detroit NAACP chapter’s annual fundraiser, where he received an award for advocating for his native Detroit.

Let me leave you with a song: