America’s Richest Getting Ready for a Major Crisis

by Mike Palmer / 07-24-2017

While middle class Americans are pouring money into the stock market…

Some of the richest people in Silicon Valley are doing something that is pretty much the exact opposite.

I’m talking about folks like:

  • Peter Thiel (founder of Paypal)
  • Steve Huffman (founder of Reddit)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)
  • Tim Chang (of Mayfield venture capital)
  • Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle)
  • Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn)

If you care about your family… your money… and your future, I strongly encourage you to find out what these folks are doing…

And why it might be important for you to do something similar… right away.

You might ask yourself why more and more people are becoming preppers, and preparing for a collapse. Or, you might just start believing, yourself.