by Billy Roper

Please be aware of some new changes being made affecting The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, by Matt Hale.

As one of the editors of this book, I had the opportunity to read it cover to cover many times prior to publication, which allowed me to absorb it fully. I would recommend that other readers give it the same treatment, which it certainly deserves. After over a decade behind bars as an innocent man, Matt Hale remains steadfast and strong for our people. At his request, and working in conjunction with his mother, I have set into motion the removal of the first edition from circulation so that this newly updated second edition could receive more prominent attention. At the same time, I have removed the 1st edition Kindle version from distribution, and placed the 2nd edition Kindle edition into the market. It is my hope that those who had previously placed reviews on the 1st edition will repeat and amplify them here, along with those from new readers, as well.