from the Springbok Cyber Newsletter:

July 2017 edition

The terrifying swarm of mainly Muslim migrants invading the European continent over the past few years – indeed actually ever since the end of WWII – has of course been a most worrying concern for all decent patriotic citizens throughout the continent. The fact that these migrants have been “welcomed” by seemingly so many European institutions and NGOs has of course heightened these worries almost to a point of despair, as it would appear that many within the European continent simply have a death-wish. All is not doom and gloom however, as there have recently been several encouraging developments occurring throughout Europe .

An organization called the Identitarian Movement has recently arisen in France which campaigns in favour of the protection of France’s European identity, and even more encouragingly this movement seems to be spreading its wings to other European countries, most notably to Italy – the country of course which is currently the worst effected by the migrant invasion. The most encouraging aspect about this movement is that they are positively in favour of their own people, rather than being negatively opposed to others. They are also youthful and have an optimistic and defiant view of the future. Recently their supporters in Italy managed to purchase a ship which they will be deploying in the Mediterranean , appropriately named Defend Europe, which they aim to use to intercept boats of illegal immigrants trying to enter Italian waters and then to tow them back to where they came from. This is in marked contrast to a number of ships operated by certain NGOa and so-called “charities” which have been assisting the boats full of illegal immigrants in their reprehensible attempts to invade the European continent. Words fail us to explain the motivations of those who seek to collaborate with those who aim to destroy their own countries and the futures of their children, but from all the news reports which we have seen these self-haters mainly seem to be – surprise, surprise – Germans.

Throughout the last century successive German governments sought to impose their dominance and control over the entire European continent, twice by armed warfare but when both these attempts were defeated by more “peaceful” means via the EU project. Now, however, following the glorious Brexit victory in the UK and increasing disintegration within the EU as a whole, the German state seems to have been engulfed by a Samson-like death-wish. If they are not to get they way and dominate the continent then they would prefer that the whole continent and its civilization be destroyed by the invasion of a totally alien culture. The current German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the symbolic hate-figure for all European patriots alarmed by the invasions of their own countries, but she is not alone – not by a long, long way. As we have observed, most of the NGO ships actively assisting the invasion of the continent are German owned and crewed, and throughout Germany the spectre of groups collaborating with the invading swarm under the “Welcome Refugees” banner has been sick to observe. Perhaps the most poignant example of this suicidal German mindset has been the revelation that a 16-year-old ethnic German girl named Linda Wenzel (a mini-Angela Merkel if ever there was one!) had been captured by forces in Iraq having run away to join ISIS/ISIL and become a Jihadist bride!

But not all of Europe is afflicted by the same death-wish that Germany apparently suffers from – quite the reverse in fact! It is not just the Brexit triumph and the emergence of the Identitarian Movement which has demonstrated the groundswell of opposition to the German-EU project and their attempted Islamisation of Europe – there has been increasing opposition from the nation-states of Eastern Europe as well, where many states have erected their own unilateral border walls in order to keep the immigrant invaders out. Two Eastern European nations in particular deserve congratulations in this regard – Hungary and Poland . In Hungary its current patriotic Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently issued a defiant statement in which he emphatically disassociated his country from its collaboration government during WWII, and further stated significantly that this should never happen again.  In Poland the current government has firmly resisted attempts by he German-dominated EU to interfere in the appointment of Polish judges – and as if to add salt into the wound welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the country and ensured that they visited one of the concentration camps from WWII in order to show them the evil genocidal excesses of an earlier German regime.

Hopefully all this will ensure that the entire EU edifice soon comes crumbling down, so that all the great European nation-states can once again control their own borders and allow into their countries only those who they choose. But what of Germany itself? Not all Germans are at heart of the same self-hating kidney as Merkel and Wenzel, and deserve a far better existence than they currently endure under the all-persuasive influence of poisonous German Nationalism. Perhaps the answer could be for Germany eventually to revert back into its pre-1870 component states.